A United State Of America Lady Know As Richard Flora Abike Caught With Hard Currency Arrested By The Nigeria EFCC


Richard Flora Abike

Name: Richard Flora Abike
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, CA, USA
DOB: 22/DEC/1990
Current City: iLe ife, Osun State.

Richard Flora Abike

Richard Flora Abike is living in Nigeria for years, which she’s married to man called Sebastian Tomelic Asbun Marco which was born and he’s living in Bolivia.
When they interrogated her, she was caught with a foreign currency (hard currency). The money is Zimbabwe note which is a very huge amount of money. The lady was arrested on 8th September 2018. The amount in Zimbabwe is 100 trillion Zimbabwe Dollar which was caught with the lady and get arrested by the Nigeria EFCC.

She was charged to court and was fined to pay the sum of $1200 which she can’t provide before she was charged to court with no one to help her and the justice sentence her to 8 years imprisonment.

See Proof Of Her Arrest

Richard Flora Abike



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