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Biography Of Wilson John Edube Nicknamed Tizzy Bless, Profile & Life History

By: On May 8, 2018In Artist-Bio,Entertainment
2 years ago

Wilson John Edube (Tizzy Bless)

Tizzy Bless- Early Life: When you call the name Tizzy bless everybody immediately knows whom you are talking about, but if you talk about Wilson John Edube a lot of people might not really know who you are talking about. Well,the are one and the same person as Tizzy Bless is only just a stage name he gave to himself when he started his music career
According to him he got the name tizzy bless from dream (sixpence bless,expensive bless)
Tizzy bless real name are Wilson John Edube , He begging singing at age of 15 years old in 2015
Tizzy bless is a singer, songwriter, vocalist and performer .He Hick’s of his singing career at the early age of 15 when he recorded his first song. Many people know his capability as a good singer vocalist and dancehalls.Wilson John Edube (Tizzy Bless)

He grow up listing to diver’s played by his parents and was an active participate in sociNETactivities during his secondary school day.He wrote his first song and he was in music group when he was in SSS 3 and when he graduated. He has three brother that enter music before him,NIGGA BRIGHT, SKY NET ,STAR GENTLE ..his parent both father & mother are in loved with the music .so the house of Wilson okwo is like house of entertainment.
TIZZYBLESS Wilson .is an upcoming musician He was born in Oju local government Benue state of Nigeria in(22 August 1998)
His father Wilson Okwo is an civil servant and his mother Salome she’s a trader
Wilson John Edube (Tizzy Bless)
(Education) Tizzy bless Wilson beginning his education. Royal nursery and primary school Obarike into Benue state of Nigeria, He obtained his secondary school Useni memorial college, Dadur langtang North local government of plateau state jos
He started his music career during his sss1 he’s an scientist ,also a member of a group called (Brain Power Game ) one day he sat down an being thinking ,he wrote down the lyric ,he produced a school item for the students and the management, everyone was proud of him ,from the he started getting fans ,people like his voice so lightly .they normally calls him Delight in the school
Wilson John Edube (Tizzy Bless)
(in relationship) TIZZYBLESS was dating a lady calle Uko blessing, his classmate in the school everyone know about there relationship, and a lot of people where jealous them ,his beloved one Uko blessing showed him a Truelove ..after graduated from the school them want to a different places ,then the lost each other contacts ,even now tizzy bless didn’t dating any girl .Uko blessing gave him a love that he can’t forget .Tizzy bless dropped one of his song titled “Fine Lady searching for u” the music was dedicated to his fiancy ,Uko blessing
He recorded the song with Zolobeatz(K.D.M record) Kill De Money
After recording the jam he was planning to register with (K D M),but the management is too poor,so he decided to come with his own name (.POPSTAR MUSIC) many people heard the name #Popsatarmusic ,but a lot didn’t know the origin of it .according to Tizzy bless he will be continues using the name popstar till he get a contract with any other records label ,and after the contract expired then if he like he will resign it again or he will stand up with his POPSTAR MUSIC .he’s also looking for sponsorship .Tizzy bless collaborate with Nigga bright and star gentle ,titled”OGARANYA ” audio+video the song took him a lot of time for the video ,tizzy bless worked hard to make sure the video is going to be sharp he used standard Camera black magic. And the music entered street ,make a lot of people know him .
After that his father brought him together and Nigga bright to collaborate ,titled “ALABA” the song was very light .
Wilson John Edube (Tizzy Bless)
In 2018 Tizzy bless called another collabo with Nigga bright and Star gentle ,titled “Melody” a disparate tune with Yankee pattern engaging sound, Tizzy bless expedites his flexibility to maximum capability the one WizKidayo.
The couple of the months Tizzy bless came with another jam to celebrate mother’s all around the Africa. collabo with Nigga bright, titled “MAMA”
*Genress :Afrobeat,Afropop,reggae dancehall and hip-hop
*occupation: singer,songwriter, vocalist and performer
Twitter: @officialtizzybless
Facebook: Tizzy Bless Wilson
Website www.iam

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