SR Music Career Advice-: See The Top 10 Secrets For Writing Top Class Lyrics (Part 8)

The quality of your lyrics is one of the elements that is going to make you stand out from the crowd as an emcee. No rap beat is complete without a set of beautiful rhymes over it. So in this article you will find a list of ten writing technique secrets used by professional writers […]

#Upcoming Artist: How To Sell Your Song On iTunes & All Digital Store To Make Cool Cash

Today i’m here to teach you how you can submit or sell your songs on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, eMusic, Simfy, Deezer, Rhapsody, X-Box Live, MixRadio, MUVE Music and others and a wide network of popular music stores and keep your 100% sales revenue & copyrights Collect your worldwide songwriting royalties we all know […]

SR Music Career Advice-: 5 Tips For Effective Communication With Your Producer (Part 7)

As artists, we count on producers to transform our songs from their raw, acoustic forms into their fully realized versions, instruments and all. Their role is pivotal in the record-making process, yet it’s not always the easiest process or relationship to navigate. I know many artists who have had to completely scrap songs and start […]

SR Music Career Advice-: Checkout The 8 Totally Overlooked Ways To Get Paid For Your Music (Part 6)

The days of paying to hear music are over. If you want to hear something all it take is a couple clicks or taps. So that must mean that musicians are screwed right? Wrong. It means that in order to sell yourself, you’re gonna need to know how to promote your music. And it’ll take […]

SR Music Career Advice-: See 4 New Ways To Achieve Your Dreams In The Music Industry (Part 5)

So what can you actually do to take advantage of new opportunities in the music industry? Try this new tips to let you make your way in the Music Industry. Here are four methods working for artists today:; 1. Live Performance Live performance has been the preferred way to make a living making music long […]

SR Music Career Advice-: 10 Easy Steps To Becoming A Successful Music Artiste (Part 4)

With artistes’ rates moving from five to seven figures in recent years, it is indeed safe to say that the Nigerian Music Industry is growing. This growth might not necessarily stem from the depth of lyrics as we have seen many Nigerian artistes move from deep, emotive lyrics like “Sweet Mother” to repetitive lyrics like […]

SR Music Career Advice-: Read What To Do To Get Signed On To A Record Label (Part 3)

As an Artiste you are to understand what music is, and what the music business is. The Nigerian Music Industry has developed so much so that people earn a living from music, to the point that artistes’ like Wizkid can afford to buy a Porche which goes for over ₦50million without having to call on […]

SR Music Career Advice-: See How To Make Money As A Music Artist (Part 2)

These days, there’s a lot of talk about how difficult it is to make money as a music artist. While there’s no disputing that it can be a challenge (which is why you need other reasons to do music than just making money), the fact remains that if you are the kind of person who […]

SR Music Career Advice-: 10 Mistakes Upcoming Artistes Should Avoid (Part 1)

There are a thousand and one people who can sing, but not all singers get into the hall of fame. Over the years, the number of upcoming recording artistes in Nigeria has increased tremendously, and it takes dedication, hard work and consistency to turn a music dream into a successful career. However, some upcoming artistes […]