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SR Music Career Advice-: 9 Magic Ways To Promote Your Music To An Unexpected Level (Part 10)

Posted By: verifiedOn May 2, 2020
1 year ago

SR Music Career Advice

Promoting your music can be tricky when there are so many other talented artists and bands out there.

If you know how to promote yourself online and learn to make connections in person, you can be on your way to sending your music out into the world like a professional. If you want to know how to promote your music, just follow these steps.

  1. Make Sure You’re Ready To Share Your Music With The World

This is the most important point. If you promote a bad track, or even a bad album, it’ll be hard to bounce back. It’s better to wait until you’re absolutely ready to share your music with the world than to put out some music you’ll regret making later.

Here are some tips for knowing when you’re ready to share your music:

  1. Discover Your Brand

Though promoting your music is the most important thing, you have to realize that you’re promoting yourself as well. You should see that you’re not just a musician or a band member but that you are a product. This product has to be as appealing as possible, so you have to find a way to make your brand as unique and exciting as you can so that fans are excited about you and your music.

  1. Know Your Target Audience & Their Choice

Even the best music can get the worst response if it’s in the hands of the wrong fanbase. If you’re into Techno music, learn to tell the difference between Deep House, Tech House, and Electro. Understand what type of music you’re really creating and who that type of music appeals to most of all. This will help you reach out to fans, book the right venues, and sell your music the right way.

  1. Promote Your Music Through A Website (E.g Soundreloaded)

Though social media is an excellent platform for promoting your music, you must absolutely have your own website. This will help steer fans in the right direction in the most professional way possible. Your website should have information about your concerts, music, origin story, and anything else that can help get your fans more excited about your music.

*You should pay for your own domain name and your own unique website instead of promoting your band on a site for many other bands if you want to stand out.

  1. Distribute Your Music Online

Have your music readily available on Spotify, RadioAirplay, Deezer, Singrush, and iTunes. That way, you’ll look like a real professional the next time a venue manager or fan asks where he can find your music.

  1. Build Relationships In Person

Any time you’re out in the world, you have a chance to build a connection with someone in the music industry. You can start small, by following producers or artists online, and work your way to meeting them in person at concerts, small venues, or even social events (as long as you’ve been invited). Don’t force it; just take the time to grow as an artist and to get to know as many people in the industry as you can.

  • Build relationships with fans as well. If a fan wants to interview you in-person or even online, say yes. This will help get your name out there, even if it’s only to a few people.

    1. Create A Killer Press Kit

    The press kit should generate interest in you as an artist and a musician. It contains you or your band’s biography, fact sheet, or brochure, promotional photos, any positive press your music has received, three song demos, and contact information. Here are some things to keep in mind as you put your press kit together:

  • Keep the fact sheet basic. Provide information about your hometown, the names of your band members and the instruments they play, album release information, touring dates, recording studio, producers, and contact information for your management.

  • Your demo CD should be of high quality and professionally made — do not burn a CD at home. Remember that you have 30 seconds at most to grab the listener’s attention so make it count.
  • Include a gig sheet with information about future and past gigs. This will show that you have growing popularity and that you are a great investment.
  • Include a few professional 8 x 10 photos that are appropriate while showing what makes you special.
    1. Find A Manager

    A manager is a person who will advise you and your band in every aspect of your career. You should find a manager who has worked with other artists successfully and who has many connections in the music industry and a solid reputation to boot. Use a music industry print directory to reach out to a manager, and ask any connections in the music industry if they have any recommendations.

    1. Have As Many Concerts As You Can

    Concerts are a great way to promote your music and to connect with your fans. Whether you’re opening for Green Day or playing on a tiny stage at a local bar, use the concert to sell your brand and to sing your heart out. Take the time to connect with fans before and after the concert.

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    1. Here is dee~one and I really wanna promote my song here if there is any helper for me god bless

        By DEE~ONE On May 2, 2020 @ 11:17 am

    2. @DEE~ONE Call/WhatsApp Absharp (CEO Soundreloaded); On 07033073393 For Your Promotion

        By Absharp On May 2, 2020 @ 11:52 pm

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