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Biography Of Ogbecha Ogbu Sunday Nicknamed Sunny Swhizzy, Profile & Life History

Posted By: verifiedOn February 8, 2021
4 months ago

Sunny Swhizzy Biography

Biography Of Ogbecha Ogbu Sunday Nicknamed Sunny Swhizzy, Profile & Life History

unny Swhizzy Biography

Ogbecha Ogbu Sunday, known professionally as Sunny Swhizzy, is a Nigerian Singer / Rapper / Actor and Songwriter. One of Africa’s biggest artistes, Swhizzy is one of the most decorated African artist internationally, and one of the most revolutionary Afro-pop artistes of the modern era. 

Born: 16 July 1999 (age 21 years), Benue State, Lagos State Nigeria

Labels: Rnd Nation Entertainment (current); Whizzy Record Label

Genres: Afrobeats; Afrobeat; reggae; dancehall; R&B; hip-hop; pop

Awards: Rising Artist

Education: Lagos State University, Crawnford University

unny Swhizzy Biography

He’s one of Nigeria’s biggest R&B crossover acts, having worked with Mkjbeat and Nagzy Probeats, Slando Beats among others. He have music spirit since 2007 , he release the first track titled TROWAY with the massively popular single “TROWAY and Aunty Shade” which appeared on his debut streets went global in 2017 after his collaboration with CC “One Dance,” countries, resulting in a multi-talent deal with Rnd Nation Record Label which issued 2018.

unny Swhizzy Biography

Sunny Swhizzy began his career in music when he was just an 11 years old boy. His first record, Hallelujah, was recorded in 2016 in collaboration with his friends a group consisting of sunday and his friends from church. In 2015 he started pursuing music full-time, At first collaborating with various Nigerian pop acts including a lot of artist in Nigeria by 2019, he was ready to record songs act across Africa, propelling Sunny Swhizzy announce the upcoming album title “The Grace” coming soon.

You can get more of him by following him on his social media handles
Twitter & Instagram: @iamsunnyswhizzy

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