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CATEGORY: Entertainment

How I Handle Randy Men – Nigerian Actress, Maryam Charles Opens Up in New Interview

Posted By: verifiedOn November 28, 2017
3 years ago

maryam charles

Moviemaker, actress, model, entrepreneur and graduate of Sociology & Anthropology, Maryam Charles is one babe burning the candle at both ends and guess what, she is getting away with it!

She had barely made it into Nollywood when she veered into moviemaking with movies like 39 Steps and Enclosed Passion which won her rave reviews and today, she has starred in numerous movies.

In this chat with Entertainer, the thespian opens up on her first love, her current movie project and the real reason men want to date s*xy actresses.

What are you currently working on?

I have a few projects I am working both in movie and outside the movie industry but Honour is my next movie. It is different from all the movies I have ever shot. The cast, storyline and the concept is uniquely different.

What is the storyline all about?

It gives insight into the dangers of depression, despair and hate but also teaches that with love and patience, one can conquer. The movie shows that love and patience will always lead one to that proverbial ;light at the end of the tunnel.’ I learnt a lot from the movie I must confess.

What do you cherish the most; producing or acting?

I cannot say I cherish one more than the other. Truthfully, I am passionate about producing as well as acting.

Tell us about your growing up, were you born with silver spoon?

I cannot say I was born with silver spoon because my parents were strict when I was growing up. They were the no-nonsense type but they made sure they provided all necessary things.

How do you relax?

I make sure I spend quality time with my family. We go out and cool off together. I love music too. I listen to different genres ranging from Afro beat to R&B and pop; music helps me relax very well.

Has your career suffered any setbacks because of s*xual harassment; tell us your experience?

The way you present yourself is how you will be addressed. There is sexual harassment everywhere but the way you make people address you is how they will address you. I have never suffered any form of s*xual harassment let alone setback as a consequence of sexual harassment. I am always very careful how I do my things so I can’t subject myself to the scourge.

Are you in any intimate relationship at the moment?

My relationship is my private life. My career as a movie producer and actress is my public life and I would rather keep my private life private. Why not ask if I am in an intimate relationship with my career (laughter)?

Is marriage still far or near?

You will know whenever I am ready to discuss about marriage as I have a marriage project I will be starting soon; you should watch out for it.

As a popular screen face, how do you handle randy men demanding s*x from you?

Due to the nature of my job, I see it as a normal thing to have a lot of admirers. A lot of men are after sexy actresses like me because all they want is to get into our pants. However, since I understand what their main mission is, I just ignore and laugh them off.

Have you ever said no to any marriage proposal because you were not yet ready?

Marriage proposals come almost every day, Men like women that are beautiful and above all creative. Women can’t say yes to all marriage proposals and both married and single women get marriage proposals. I have said no to marriage proposals because I never wanted them.

Celebs’ marriages don’t last, what do you think is the problem?

Marriage is a lifetime union. If you can spend your lifetime with a partner, marriage is for you. However, if you cannot spend your lifetime with a partner, marriage is simply not for you. I believe a couple that prays together will survive any marital issue together. There are challenges in marriage and I believe that if properly adressed, they cannot be too big as to break the union.

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