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CATEGORY: Entertainment

Shatta Wale Need Help & A Therapist For Beefing Wizkid For No Reason

Posted By: verifiedOn November 26, 2017
3 years ago

Shatta Wale has been blabbing all around the internet because he see wizkid as the best thing to ever happen to Africa Music and thats why he’s jealous of Starboy Wizzy.

Wizkid is a blessing to Nigeria Music Industry with his pure talents speaking for him anywhere which got him a mega million deal with america record label.
Billboard magazine reported that Wizkid signed a multi-album deal with RCA Records, The deal was first reported by several media outlets in September 2016 then The chairman and CEO of RCA Records, Peter Edge, somewhat confirmed the signing while speaking to Music Business Worldwide in January 2017.

Wizkid show a good sign of maturity that surprise the whole entertainment industry despite tarnishing the image of Wizkid without having any issue with him before, he just wake that very that to start hating him for no valid evidence that cause the beef. Wizkid decided not to respond to all his immaturity because of the quote “Silent is the best answer for a fool”.

The truth is “Is Shatta Wale Not A Fool” for beefing his someone we can call his junior brother, age is truly not the sign of maturity, At 33 he’s beefing Wizkid (african best artist with the most international recognition) in the africa industry.

Shatta Wale lack home training and have no respect to drag Nigeria President into the matter of his personal problem which Ghana will definitely find a therapist for him soon for shooting into thin air to show why he need a therapist to correct his mental state.

He replied every Nigeria that comes for him on twitter which show how jobless he is and the funniest part is when did Ghana even leave Nigeria to stand on their own when did Ghana music becomes worldly acceptable when most of their time was spent in Nigeria hawking “Puff-puff” and Plastering Broken Bucket for Nigerians.

His style of music is the best but did you even see the way he sing like an Imbecile” that need help, his latest release titled “Disaster (Wizkid Diss)” is highly irritating with his way of pronounciating words like a 2 years old kids” and he laugh like a “Ape” in the song.

His style of music, pronounciation and his lyrics will only make him an upcoming artist here in Nigeria which will never make it in the music industry.

Respect To R2Bees, Sakordie, Stonebwoy & All Ghana Top Musician Who Deserve Respect.

Advice: Get Him A Therapist, Shatta Wale Need Help.

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  1. Lol. irritating post from an online blogger. Just be fair and bring out issues , Just trying to side with Nigerians is acceptable because you’re a nigerian. When did beef also became a problem in ShowBiz? .What do you mean by him beefing with Wizkid whom y’all could call his little brother? And yet y’all still accept the beefs with Wizkid,DammyKrane,Olamide,Davido,Tecno to their selves as Holy or what? Massa Massa. Oh Okay I just saw it was an Advice. But WTF?

      By Essel Rosina On Nov 26, 2017 @ 11:28 pm

  2. If Shatta wale opinion on him not seeing Wizkid as a superstart, That’s his view. Everyone else sees how far The Starboy has reached in terms of his music career, International recognition plus mouth-watery int’l record deals. It’s a record most African Artists can’t beat. With all of these, There’s still nothing wrong with Shatta still not acknowledging that because he’s a superstar as well. It’s well accepted to fight back lyrically if Wizkid chooses to respond as this is part of Music, and many Artists had their fair share. As you said in your comment Even nigerians beef one another, So if he calls out for a beef with any Act there’s nothing wrong with that again!.

      By SwaggStreet Media On Nov 27, 2017 @ 3:17 am

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