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CATEGORY: Entertainment

Uche Maduagwu Comes At Banky W For Posting Adesua’s ‘Tiny’ Butt On Social Media

Posted By: verifiedOn November 30, 2017
3 years ago

uche maduagwu

Uche Muduagwu has been in rage since the beginning of #BAAD2017 saying he can’t comprehend the rationale behind such a big wedding for a supposedly good marriage.

He took to instagram after Banky W’s traditional wedding saying he doesn’t understand why it’s so extravagant. People called him a hater as it was obvious that he wasn’t invited for the event.

“Is it too difficult for you to do a small wedding? @bankywellington Are you #wedding the whole of #Nigeria or just one #girl? Hmmm… My P.A just showed me an old #post of yours on #instagram where you said you would never do a #big wedding, and just yesterday, my Ex- #girlfriend also showed me a #video where @adesuaetomi said she would never do a big wedding too, so what really went wrong?”

“Can’t you #guys emulate my best #friend @iambangalee when he had his wedding, am sure the whole #world did not hear about it, until after the whole ceremony, because he knows the #food you invite the entire village to come eat with you never last… listen, those people who are #dancing and praising you today, some of them are secretly waiting for your #marriage to break like the wall of Jericho so they can #laugh at you.”

“I’m the biggest #actor in Nigeria, and am saying its not too late to taking your #relationship off social #media, a word is enough for the #wise. #repost #pic #bride #weddingday #blog #nollywood #share #beauty #lagos #smile #good,” Maduagwu wrote.”

While the white wedding which was held in South Africa on the same day as Oritsefemi’s wedding was happening, Uche took to social media again to mock Banky W and Adesua Etomi.

And now he has taken to instagram again to further mock them for Banky W’s slip up on snapchat saying he posted his wife’s ‘tiny butt’ on social media.

See below :

uche maduagwu

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