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CATEGORY-: Story Time
[Story] Broken Trust – A True Life Story (Episode 13)
Posted By verified On  September 7th, 2021 Story Time 0 155 Views
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Broken Trust

One week later, Hayden was at home panicking and jittering. He couldn’t stay in a particular place. He was worried for that is the day he told the doctor he will be coming to collect the result of the test he did for his children.

Danica: Sweetheart, what is it?
Hayden: Do you love me so very much?

Danica: Yes I do, What is wrong?

Hayden: Am I the father of our children?

Danica: Was shocked when he asked the question but quickly composed herself. What kind of question is that?

Hayden: I need to know the truth Danica. Are our kids really mine?

Danica: Gave him a sounding slap at the question he asked ‘How dare you Hayden, how dare you ask if our children are yours? After how many years of marriage you dare ask me such question?

Hayden: touching his cheek asked ‘Is that why you slapped me’?

Danica: ‘and I will do it over and over again. Take the case anywhere and nothing will happen. You dare ask me who the father of our children is? Shame on you Hayden! Shame on you! If you do not believe me and want to do a DNA test on them, I am everly ready you hear’ she said angrily.

Hayden: I am sorry, I just feel so bad today. Please forgive me for asking.

Danica: calmed down and asked ‘what is wrong with you and why this sudden question? You are beginning to scare the life out of me’.

Hayden: I have just been having rough time at work that is all.

Danica: is that why you asked if you are the biological father of our children, don’t you trust me anymore?

Hayden: I do and I am very sorry, Please find it in your heart to forgive me. I love you and our children so very much.

Danica: ‘I know that and I am also very sorry for raising my hands on you, I was very angry when you questioned my faithfulness’ she hugged him.

Hayden went to his office and called Mason to accompany him to the hospital.

When he got there, he met the doctor who handed an envelope to him when he ushered them into his office and told them to sit down.
Hayden: ‘what does the result say doctor’ he asked as soon as it was handed to him.

Doctor: Open it and see it for yourself.

Hayden: Doctor, please tell me what I need to know before I collapse here.

Mason: took the envelope from him, tore it open and read the content in it.

Hayden: Mason, what does it say?

Mason: shook his head and said ‘not a good news my friend’.

Hayden: snatched the paper from his hand and read the content ‘No! No! No!’ he screamed with tears in his eyes he said ‘I have four wonderful children and I am the biological father to only one of them… ‘No ! No! No! Arrgh God I am finished’ he screamed.

Mason: ‘I am sorry my friend’ he patted him on the back please put yourself together and find a way forward.

Hayden: ‘Mason I am finished’ he screamed ‘Who have I offended in this life that is paying me so much evil’.

Doctor: take it easy please Sir.

Hayden: ‘take what easy? Take what easy’ he screamed ‘with tears in his eyes he said ‘I was there when they were born; when they called me Dad, when they said their first worlds; crawled, took their first step. I was there with them in their first day at school; They are the center of my life and joy. Ever since they were little, I have shown them so much love and affection. Oh God! I didn’t know that I was fathering another man’s child. Not one or two but the three of them. What was my cr….ime….? he asked crying and wailing. What did I do wro….ng? haven’t I been the best husband so far?
Mason: Hayden, put yourself together.

Hayden: ‘I didn’t know that I was leaving with the devil all these years. Mason Please tell me this is a dream, how could the woman that I have loved all this years do these to me? Tell me I am dreaming Please’ he held his friend by his shirt.

Mason: this is no dream my friend, you have to pull yourself together.

Hayden: after crying for a few minutes which seem like an hour, he wiped his eyes and looked at his friend again ‘I guess I have to accept my fate’.

Mason: What will you do now?

Hayden: he looked at his friend again and smiled, I don’t know what I will do until I meet the devil face to face.

Mason: C’mon, she is your wife, do not call her that.

Hayden: No she is not, she ceased to be my wife from this moment.

Mason: what about the kids, since Laken is your only biological son, what will you do to the rest?

Hayden: They are still my children. I won’t allow anyone or anybody take them away from me.

Mason: Are you sure about this?

Hayden: I am sure about my kids but I am not so sure about my wife.

Mason: What do you mean? hope you are not planning to do anything bad to her.

Hayden: The bad thing I would have love to do is kill her but I won’t be that wicked to do that to her. What she is going to encounter is going to be worse than death.

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