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CATEGORY-: Story Time
[Story] Common Mistakes Ladies Make In Relationship – Irresistible Story (Episode 27)
Posted Byverified On  November 2nd, 2021 Story Time 0 1119 Views
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Common Mistakes Ladies Make In Relationship


Mariam walked into my room with a calm smile on her face. I really wasn’t happy seeing her that evening but i couldn’t deny her access into my room because she was like a sister to me even though i felt she was no longer watching my back.

“I’m just coming from Samuel’s room” she muttered as she sat on my bed. I carried my teddy bear, played with it and ignored her comment.

“I don’t understand you anymore, you are very obnoxious these days” she added. I scoffed and rolled my eyes,

“Oh please” i murmured, while she stared at me and shook her head,

“I can’t believe you are allowing Emmanuel to spoil the sweet relationship you enjoy with Samuel, think my dear, think! She cautioned as if she was my mother. I dropped my teddy bear and looked up at her seriously.

“Did Samuel tell you how he humiliated and almost hit me hours ago, simply because he saw Emmanuel arguing with me. Would i be arguing with Emmanuel if i was giving him the green light eeh? Abeg leave me jor, infact i’m tired of this relationship, i want to be left alone” i poured out bitterly, while she listened to my outburst attentively with both hands on her jaw. Her face coloured with disbelief and surprise.

“I can’t believe all i’m hearing, Mary i really do think you are under a strong influence, come on get a hold of yourself and put yourself in his shoes, wouldn’t you have assumed the worst?” she asked as she drew near and held my left hand.

“Seriously dear i don’t want to talk about this anymore, i want to forget about everything, only God knows my destiny, nothing i do can change it” i murmured seriously with pain in my heart. She shrugged and stood up in resignation.

“Good night dear friend, let me go and sleep jare” she murmured and left silently.


I sang God’s praises as i prepared for 8am sunday mass. I woke up that morning very refreshed, bright, happy and in high spirit without actually knowing the reason.

I soon heard gentle knocks on my door as i arranged my hair. I quietly opened my door and held my breathe when i saw Samuel standing on my door-way and staring hopefully at me. I really wasn’t expecting him but i equally wasn’t surprised to see him. I knew he’d come to beg sooner or later.

I forced out a smile and made way for him to enter my room.
“Happy Sunday” i polietly greeted.

“There isn’t anything happy about this Sunday, anyway i came to apologize, i’m sorry for what happened yesterday, please forgive me” he atoned without looking at me, as if he was ashamed of what he was doing, which made me ignore him and continue with ‘my church preparation’.

“Baby please let’s not allow that guy or anything to come between us. I know i over-reacted yesterday and i do apologize for it” he added solemnly.

I turned, faced him, drew closer and held his hands,

“You said many hurtful things yesterday which got me thinking about our relationship, anyway i only have one question” i quietly murmured as i searched his face curiously,

“What is it my love?” he asked quietly. I breathed deeply and continued

“I know you hardly lie to me because i haven’t given you any reason to do such, now look me in the eyes and tell me you do trust me” i prayed. But my request as simple as it was, really drew out a little frown from his face. He instantly looked down and murmured something inaudible.

“Speak up dear and please look at me” i pleaded hopefully.

“Baby i can’t lie over such trifle request, please let’s settle our differences first. We can talk about this subject later” he answered quietly while my face instantly fell.

“There is no relationship without love, no love without trust, i can’t continue with this till you start to trust me again. I suggest you go back and build your trust” i requested calmly with a little confidence and air.

“What!” he exclaimed loudly in disbelief and total shock. The fire in his eyes sparkled like a burning dry bush. I instantly backed away in order not to get burnt by his fury.

“I’m off to church” i said quietly as i backed away from him. He quickly held me strongly, hit his head twice with his left hand and bit his lips as he struggled with himself.

“You brought happiness into my life, now you are taking it away” he accused,

“Is that what lovers do to each other eeh?” “why are you doing this to me, why are you behaving like a fusspot? are you now doubting my love? Please don’t turn me into a bitter person” he prayed sorrowfully.

I instantly felt guilty, terrible and remorseful. I snatched my hand from his grasp and sat on my bed, covering my face with my palms.

“You know sometimes our faith is tested with tempting issues, please don’t let our relationship crumble over this little problem. I could have walked away, cried my heart out and forgotten about you but i didn’t. I easily could have waited for you to apologize, but instead i buried my pride and did the opposite. My dear what more prove do you seek concerning my love” he poured out solemnly while my heart and eyes melted.

He knelt by my side and slowly placed his head on mine, breathing heavily as he waited for me to say something.

“Alright i have heard you. Let’s continue like we used to. We both had a terrible dream yesterday that’s all, let’s forget about it” i murmured and held him tightly.

He said nothing, his happiness overwhelming him. He was a boy so much in love with me, with a kind of passion which could make any guy stupid.

Anyway i was very glad to still have him under my control.
Days passed by without Emmanuel showing up nor disturbing my life. I knew perhaps he kept away because he had a very demanding Job.

Samuel and i used the opportunity to work on our relationship.

He was always by my side as if he was my shadow. I felt he still was very suspicious and doubtful about my loyalty, but i pretended not to notice. But what happened on Monday, a week later was something i wouldn’t forget in a hurry. It was the day my past and present met and fought for supremacy.

A day Samuel and Emmanuel confronted each other in my room.

The earth shook, my head ached and my heart bled.

Oh what a terribly day it was!

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