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CATEGORY-: Story Time
[Story] Even The Rich Also Cry (Episode 16)
Posted Byverified On  September 15th, 2021 Story Time 0 139 Views
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Even The Rich Also Cry

Florence flinched on hearing his tone. She knew he had seen her and Doyin. What worried her was what he had heard. If he gets an idea of her intentions then all her planning will come to naught.
Doyin: “there is improvement but like I said yesterday, he needs to be monitored for some days before he is given a clean bill of health.” He replied standing up.

Major Festus nodded his head and turned to go.

Doyin: “your wife…” he said then stopped when Major Festus turned to him.

Major Festus: “is in good hands. I expect she has recovered quite well.” He replied, his eyes cold, then he left the room.

Doyin turned to Florence to see the fear in her face.

Florence: “he knows or he suspects something.” She said, her voice shaking.

Doyin shook his head and immediately left the room without saying a word. As soon as he was gone, Florence brought out her phone and dialed Olamide’s line. He picked on the fourth ring. She wrinkled nose in distaste when she heard the sound of loud music playing in the background.

Florence: “where are you?” she asked, irritated.

Olamide: “I am where I am supposed to be.” He replied angrily. His voice slurred over the phone like he had been drinking.

Florence frowned then she sighed. “One has to make do with what one has even if it is a drunken old fool.” She thought to herself. “Are you ready?” she asked.

Olamide: “yeeees…” he said then he belched loudly. “Just say the word and it is done.” He added.

Florence: “okay, I am in the hospital now, so it is a good time to get it over with. Okay?” she said, her eyes gazing at the door to her room.
Major Festus entered Desmond’s room to meet him watching the television. The boy looked up as he entered and smiled and for a moment, he felt good. He walked close to the bed and sat down beside him.

Desmond: “when his aunty Martha coming?” he asked, a small frown on his face.

Major Festus: I don’t know o. let me call her and find out okay?” he replied, bringing out his phone from his pocket.

He dialed Egbe’s number and she picked on the second ring. He told her that Desmond was asking after her. She laughed and promised to be by the hospital after work. He ended the call and turned to Desmond.

Major Festus: “you like Aunty Martha ehn?” he asked, smiling.

Desmond: “she is nice and she smiles.” He replied, adjusting his head on the pillow, so he can look at his father properly.

Major Festus: “yes she is.” He said, then he sighed and turned to look at the television.

Desmond: “she does not make me scared like mommy.” He added after some time.

Major Festus looked back at him, worry in his eyes. He knew that Florence had never hidden her dislike for the boy, but he didn’t know the boy had observed it too.

Major Festus: “mommy has things on her mind that is why she does not show her love but she loves you.” he replied.

Desmond: “she told me that she will sell me to child traffickers, if I come near her again.” He said softly. “Daddy, what do child traffickers do?” he asked.
Major Festus turned suddenly at his son and a vein pulsed on his chin as he thought of the things he would love to do to Florence when she had recovered from the poisoning, then he sighed wearily; “I should have left him with his family. He would have had love there. Money seems not to have given him the kind of attention and care, he deserves. It is not too late. I can look for the mother and hand him over to her before Florence reveals the full extent of her depraved idea of fun on him. Once he gets out of the hospital, I will set about looking for his mother.” He thought to himself as he gazed at Desmond.

Major Festus: “she was only kidding, son, do not mind what she says. No one will take you to child traffickers.” He replied.

The boy looked at him dubiously and turned back to the television.
Olamide and Nico drove in a car towards Major Festus’ house. They went down the street and mapped out strategic places to hide before the hit. They also observed the houses around for the one that was possibly empty. Nico had sent two of his gang members, two girls, to go round the neighbourhood to confirm if there was an empty house around and the girls had found two; one was being contested by the family of a late judge, so nobody lived in it. The owners of the other one had travelled out of the country. It was that one they picked out as their hideout. Nico called to an associate and gave the man directions and they drove away.
Egbe got to the hospital after work and she was glad to see Desmond as much as he was glad to see her. She played and laughed with him, while Major Festus watched them, a satisfied smile on his lips. After some time, Desmond became drowsy and fell asleep. Egbe moved to the window and stared out into the early evening sky. Festus soon came to join her there.

Egbe: “how is your wife?” she asked, without turning to look at him.

Major Festus: “she has obviously recovered.” He replied

Egbe: “the doctor says that she and Desmond are being poisoned.” She said, turning to face him.

Major Festus: “doctor Doyin is a quack.” He replied.

Egbe: “this is serious, Festus! We are talking about my….s… friend and your wife here.” She retorted angrily, then she turned quickly to see if she had woken Desmond. The boy snored softly, oblivious to the discussion.

Major Festus: “I found the woman you are very sure is being poisoned in the arms of said doctor.” He replied softly, turning away from her.

Egbe: “does that mean that he is not telling the truth? He suspects you, you know?” she said.

Major Festus: “and you, who do you suspect?” he asked.

Egbe: “I suspect your brother, Olamide.” She replied.

Major Festus stared at her for a minute then he suddenly bent and kissed her. Egbe’s hands instinctively moved to push him away but instead they grabbed him and drew him close as the kiss deepened and all the restrained emotions were released.

Someone coughed and both of them sprang apart and turned to see Doyin standing at the door, his face a mask of indifference………

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