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CATEGORY-: Story Time
[Story] Friendly Enemies – Very Interesting Story (Episode 10)
Posted By verified On  September 4th, 2021 Story Time 0 142 Views
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Friendly Enemies

Samantha remained speechless for some minutes before she found her voice.

Samantha: “What is going on here?” Dozie who was sober after the effect of the alcohol began to scratch his head and shield his face from shame. Eno on her part lost her voice and began to fidget.
Samantha: “Can somebody tell me what is going on here?” She screamed.

Dozie: “Baby, please listen to me. It was she who…”

Samantha: “Yes, she did what? “

Eno suddenly found her voice and became aggressive. “Why are you asking about what is going on here? Isn’t it obvious that he is my husband?”

Samantha: “No, this is not happening, I am dreaming. I must be dreaming.” Turning to Dozie she said “Tell me this is not true, baby. You didn’t…you didn’t dump me only to marry her”.

Dozie: “It wasn’t my fault, she conspired against me”.

“Nooo!” Samantha screamed and ran out of the house into her car. Eno hissed and went back into the sitting room.
Mama Samantha became worried when for more than 3 hours after her daughter went out she didn’t return. She knew that Samantha didn’t usually stay up late and she was worried on this day because her daughter was on night duty and was due to be at work by 8:00pm. At 8: 45pm, she tried calling her number but it was switched off.

Mama Samantha: “This is so unlike my daughter. Could it be that she has gone to work from wherever she went to? But she ought to have called or sent a message to inform me now. Samantha never switches off her phone even when she is on duty in the hospital, what she does is to put it on silent mode”.

She stood up and went to Samantha’s room, on the table where she kept her books, her mother found a pamphlet containing the hospital’s number. She dialed and after a while the receptionist on duty picked up.

Receptionist: “Jettei specialist hospital, how may I help you? “

Mama Samantha: “I am the mother of one of your doctors. I will like to find out if she is in the hospital. I can’t reach her line”.

Receptionist: “Okay, ma. May I know the doctor you are referring to please?”

Mama Samantha: “Samantha. Samantha Lucious. Sorry about that omission”.
Receptionist: “Hold on a second, ma. I need to find out if she has reported today”.

There was few minutes pause which felt like eternity to Samantha’s mother. The receptionist’s voice came alive on the receiver and Mama Samantha felt the irregular beating of her heart.

Receptionist: “Sorry, madam, but doctor Samantha has not reported for duty this night”.

Mama Samantha thanked the receptionist and dropped the call. The irregular beating of her heart resumed and her instinct told her that all was not well with her daughter. “God please, save my daughter, she prayed”. She waited till 10:00pm and called the hospital and the receptionist told her the same story and that they had tried to reach her all to no avail as there was a patient who was supposed to be operated on by her and a team of other doctors. Afraid that her daughter may have been kidnapped, Mama Samantha drove to Eno’s house to ask if her daughter had been there.

Mama Eno was preparing to go to bed when Mama Samantha knocked.

Mama Samantha: “Sorry to disturb you by this time of the night”.

Mama Eno: “What are you doing here by this time of the night? Can’t it wait till tomorrow?”
Police man: “Madam, why you wan see our oga?”

Mama Samantha: “That is none of your business. You just show me his office, that is all I need from you“.

Policeman: “None of my business ba? Okay now, I go see how you go see my oga today”.

Mama Samantha: “Officer, will you attend to me? What do you get paid for every month?”

The policeman ignored her and continued writing. She stood there for some minutes without the Policeman looking at her direction. She realized that being aggressive with them wouldn’t work and she decided to play along.

Mama Samantha: “Please, Officer. Help me, it is urgent that I see the DPO”.

Policeman: “Now you are talking. Why you wan see my oga?”

Mama Samantha: “I need to report a case of missing person. My daughter to be precise”.

Policeman: “That na the reason wey you want see oga? Wetin dey inside this matter wey we no fit handle.
Mama Samantha: “I am sorry, I can’t think straight. My daughter is my life, I can’t live without her”.

Policeman: “You no fit see oga this night o. It is already late and this your case, you go come back come report tomorrow”.

Mama Samantha: “What! My daughter is missing and you said we should wait till tomorrow before the police can begin search for her? Do you know the harm that can befall her between today and tomorrow? “

Policeman: “How long wey you never see her, madam?”

Mama Samantha: “She left the house around 4”.

Policeman: “You see? We no fit declare her missing until after 48 hours. Maybe your pikin dey with one of her bobos dey enjoy herself and you dey here dey disturb our sleep”.

Samantha: “No, my daughter doesn’t do that “.

Policeman: “Abeg madam come dey go. It is too late to attend to your case”.

Mama Samantha: “In that case, I will remain here until tomorrow”.

Policeman: “You no fit stay here o, except you go go inside cell go sleep”.

Mama Samantha drove home in silence after the futile encounter with the Policeman. She was hopeful that she will meet her daughter at home, she ran into her room and she saw that Samantha hadn’t returned. She collapsed on her daughter’s bed and began to weep.
After Samantha drove away from their compound, Eno and Dozie returned to their former sitting position in the sitting room without saying a word to each other. Few minutes to 11, Dozie got up and made for his bedroom. After some minutes, Eno got up and dragged her box to the room.

“He is my husband after all, I have equal right as much as he does so why should I be afraid of him?” She said to herself.

Dozie was shocked when she entered the room. “What the hell are you doing in my room?” He barked.

Eno: “Your room or our bedroom?”

Dozie: “Our? How many times do I have to tell you that there can never be any us? How dare you walk into my room? I suppose that you are happy now after the show off you did in the presence of the one I truly love…”

Eno: “I am your wife, I demand that you respect me by not mentioning your ex in my presence”.

Dozie: “We shall see who is the ex between you and her. Get out of my house”.

Eno: “What?”

Dozie: “Out of my house I say, you whore!” He threw her out of the house and threw her bag at her”.

Eno: “You can’t do this to me. Where do you want me to go by this time of the day?
Dozie locked the door and went in, leaving her out in the dark….

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