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CATEGORY-: Story Time
[Story] Oga Landlord – Late Night Fun Story (Episode 13)
Posted Byverified On  September 6th, 2021 Story Time 0 148 Views
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Oga Landlord

Ugochukwu left the eatery afterwards, I thank God say em don pay for the meal oh. I ate my own and his, on his behalf as a good friend of his. After I finished eating I left the eatery and called him twice but he didn’t pick.

Luckily I knew his house, I boarded keke napep directly to his house. Aba road na wa oh, I just dey jump up and down like frog.
I called his number again and he picked.

Me: nawa for you oh! You just vamoose without red-light, guy where you dey?

Ugochukwu: the shame too much na, as I dey follow you talk so na my house I dey oh, you dey road?

Me: yes, I dey come your house. I even dey close now sef, as we dey talk. I go call you when I reach.

I dropped from the keke napep and paid, then walked into the fenced compound Ugochukwu lived. I got to his apartment and fired him five missed calls, the guy no pick. I knocked for over two minutes the guy no gree open, I walked to the side mirror and called his name but he didn’t respond.

I just knew he will never open his apartment and let me in, I left the compound and looked for a guest house to sleep for the night. Luckily one was close, I waste my money pay. The next morning Ugochukwu called me, I refused to pick. I took my bath and brushed my teeth, dressed up and left the guest house. I went to the park and charted a trunk, then we drove to the warehouse where my goods are, some loaders helped me parked the goods in the trunk.

Naso we enter Port-harcourt city, I left the trunk in care of Emeka and Olamide then I went home.

As I reach yard, I met Cynthia and one fine girl about to leave the yard.
Michael no lie at all, the babe is a head turner no lies. I didn’t know how I came down from the bike because they were heading towards the tarred road, and the mumu bikeman no wan stop. The bikeman called me back for his payment, I even forgot to pay him.

Me: ah, ah, Cynthia where you dey go with that beautiful sister na?

Cynthia: I dey come, youngest landlord where you dey since yesterday na?

Me: I travel, na now I just return. That babe fine oh, help me greet her for me *Cynthia tap the girl*

Girl: I greet you too.

Cynthia: youngest landlord, better soup na money kill am oh.

They entered the bike that dropped me and left, which one is better soup na money kill am? Which soup them nodey use money cook.

I checked my time it was 10am, and many of my tenants have left the house. The only people that would be around are Jojo and mama Iyawo, probably Ade.

Ade came out of the yard with bandage around his head.

Me: Ade, hiaa! Binding still dey your head, the injury never go?

Ade: youngest landlord em never go, I wan go the chemist.

He took an umbrella with him and left, I entered inside my house and went straight to my bed and slept off.

I woke up around 11am and decided to bath, but there was no water in the tank. I took bucket and went inside the yard, I saw mama Iyawo dragging Jojo’s boxer.
Mama Iyawo only tied wrapper around her body while Jojo wore only boxer and his shirt on his shoulder, he was struggling out of mama Iyawo’s room while the woman held on to his boxer on the door way.

Mama Iyawo: Jojo, be a man oh! You must finish wetin you start?

Jojo: start wetin again? No be two of us start the same time. Na me tell you say make you no hustle your o—-m like me.

I dropped the buckets and folded my hands looking at the sweating adults dragging each other.

Mama Iyawo: wetin be two rounds, no be your mate dey do four rounds and seven rounds, wetin two rounds wan do woman wey em never f–k for Months now?

Jojo: mama Iyawo leave me hand oh, no be me send you to marry Hausa police officer oh. I no wan do again, you want my die on top you before you go rest?

Mama Iyawo: how you want take die? Something wey two of us dey enjoy. Be a man, we just start the knacking now now and you don dey talk about to die.

Jojo: okay, we go only do one round. Make we go inside, mama Iyawo after this round I nodey do again oh.

Mama Iyawo: ehem! Na now you dey talk, no c*m quick for this one oh. Enter inside na, make you scatter my yansh with doggystyle.

Jojo: your hand never commot from my boxer, commot your hand first, where I wan run go?

Immediately mama Iyawo removed her hand from his boxer, my guy tear race like say them wan kill am.

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