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CATEGORY-: Story Time
[Story] Should You Pay Tithe While You’re Getting Out Of Debt – Interesting Story (Episode 5)
Posted Byverified On  August 6th, 2021 Story Time 0 146 Views
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Should You Pay Tithe While You’re Getting Out Of Debt

‘Two weeks later, Nathaniel accompanied his brother to go check out his new apartment for he was so happy to learn that the apartment has been paid for by his one and only brother. When they got to the place, he couldn’t help it but smile at the wonder of what God is doing in his life. Where there is life, there is hope’ he said to himself and continued inspecting the place.
Mark: Hope you like this place.

Nathaniel: Brother, liking this place is an understatement oooo. I love the place very much.
Mark: it is small sha but it will do for you for a start.
Nathaniel: Small ke? It is more than I hope for sef. Look at the environment, there is water, there is light, what more do I need?
Mark: ‘You need to pack in’ he said smiling at him.
Nathaniel: Once I get home, that is what I will start doing immediately.
Mark: But there are some things you will need in this place.
Nathaniel: You mean kitchen stuff and what will make here look like a home?
Mark: Oh Yes! Because very soon, you will be getting married.
Nathaniel: Brother, let me make myself comfortable first before talking about settling down.
Mark: Of course I know that, I don’t just want you to forget that aspect.
Nathaniel: I haven’t forgotten anything; I just want to settle down first.
Mark: No problem, Ehen! About the job of a thing, I spoke to him about it.
Nathaniel: Really, and what did he say?
Mark: He said to make it possible, we would have to make some payment to someone who is in charge of it.
Nathaniel: Really? How much are we talking about here?
Mark: We are talking about two hundred thousand naira.
Nathaniel: Two what?
Mark: Hundred thousand naira.
Nathaniel: For what? That is just too much. Do you know what I will do if I have that kind of money?
Mark: What will you do?
Nathaniel: Errmmm, nothing brother but sincerely, that money is too much.
Mark: Because you don’t know how much he requested for initially but because he is someone that I know, I had to beg and he agreed you pay the money.
Nathaniel: How much was it?
Mark: Five hundred thousand naira.
Nathaniel: Five what?
Mark: Why are you shouting now?
Nathaniel: sorry brother but the money is just too much. Where is naija heading to?
Mark: My dear, I don’t know oooo. The masses are suffering and still government is not making any job available.
Nathaniel: But I don’t have that kind of money with me, what do I do now?
Mark: That should not be your problem; I will see what I can do, I told him to give me time to raise the money.
Nathaniel: Really brother; Thank you, If not for you I wonder where I will be right now.
Mark: No big deal. You like the apartment abi?
Nathaniel: It is more than okay.
Mark: ‘Good, Take this’ he brought out a bundle of cash from his suitcase he was carrying and handed it to him ‘that is three hundred thousand naira, use it and furnish this place.
Nathaniel: ‘Wow’ he collected the money as it was handed over to him with eyes wide open ‘ Thank you Brother, my God will replenish your pocket hundred folds, Thank you.
Mark: You are welcome. Use the money to furnish your house and make everything needed for anyone to be comfortable. Hope you use it judiciously.
Nathaniel: I will brother and thank you.
Mark: Anyway, I am leaving you here for I have somewhere I need to be in the next couple of hours, hope you don’t mind.
Nathaniel: No, I don’t. I need to sweep and clean up the place sef. You can go, dont worry about me.
Mark: ‘Take care then’ he said and left.
After Mercy came back from her programme, she embarked on a 14days fasting two days after her arrival. On the fourth day, David went to his wife who was trying to get some sleep.
David: ‘Honey, Wow! Look at how beautiful you look this night’ he said, trying to get close to her, he caress her on her shoulder and was about undressing her when she stopped him.
Mercy: Sweetheart, what are you doing?
David: What does it look like I am doing? I am trying to put you in the mood.
Mercy: ‘Please’ she pushed him away ‘Just go to bed for I don’t want you close to me this night.
David: For what? Don’t you know that I am very hungry for you?
Mercy: But we had sex after I came back from Ibadan and the following day.
David: ‘And you think that is enough?’ he went close to her again and tried caressing her again but she pushed him away.
Mercy: Please! Please! Please! Don’t come close to me for now.
David: Why?
Mercy: Because I am presently seeking the face of God.
David: but you just broke your fast by 6pm this evening.
Mercy: it doesn’t matter, I want to be clean and purified till I finish my fast.
David: But I am hungry for you na.
Mercy: You will have to hold on till two weeks-time; I won’t indulge myself in such act.
David: Why are you sounding like it is a sin before God?

Question: Do you think it’s a sin before God‘doing it’during fasting with your spouse?


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