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CATEGORY-: Story Time
[Story] Snake Ladies – An Enchanting Story (Season 1 ~ Episode 10)
Posted Byverified On  August 18th, 2021 Story Time 0 147 Views
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Snake Ladies

Samuel stood up and walked to the door.
Samuel: *thinking out loud* who could this be? I hope its not joy oo.. Haba man needs to rest now.

He opened the door and shouted;

Samuel: Mama G!!!!!!

Mama G smiled. Looking into the room with her spiritual eyes, she saw three angels with shield and sword surrounding the house. Above Samuel’s head was a cloud, bright enough that she couldn’t look him straight into the eyes. His feet was covered with the same fog too.

Samuel was busy starring at Mama G with a lustful eyes. She wore a mini skirt that exposed those fresh laps. The spaghetti top was doing justice to his SLEEPING BEAUTY.

Samuel: *after a while* please come inside.

She walked into the house and sat down uncomfortably. The angels were starring deep into her eyes and were ready to strike her if she dare raise a finger against Samuel.
Now she need to do something to immobilise the angels and so, she spread her legs open for Samuel to see her p—y.

She was not wearing any pants underneath it. The angels quickly looked at Samuel to see his reaction.

Samuel couldn’t close his eyes and overcome the temptation. He kept looking at the open p—y in front of him and the angels disappeared and appeared outside the house. Infront of the door.

Mama G smiled and brought forth her tongue out hissing like a python but Samuel did not have the spiritual eyes to see it.

She removed a wads of naira notes from her bag and dropped it on the table in front of Samuel. Samuel who was broke immediately grabbed the money with the same speed as that of FLASH.

Mama G: baby, i want to feel you inside me..

Samuel got up, reached under the bed and brought out a pack of condom. He removed one and lifted mama G throwing her on the bed.
Since she was not putting on any pants, he drew her mini skirt up and dived into her p—y s—–g it with great fury.

Mama G: hmmm, ahhhhh, hmm, yea like that my love..

He separated her large libias and started tongue f—–g her. Slowly, the cloud and fog around his head and feet disappeared.

The angels at the front of his house also disappeared.

Mama G: *in her mind* hmm, ahh very good, now he is unprotected and very vulnerable.

She was lost in thought and was smiling brightly when Samuel buried his SLEEPING BEAUTY into her p—y.

Mama G: ahhhhhhhhhh….

She shouted as she was caught unaware.

He lifted her two legs and started f—–g her deep and wide. He rode her straight to cloud nine twisting his waist to and fro like a pro.
Mama G: umm, yea baby, ahhh, nice meat, nice meat, oh queen mother..

She moaned as she climaxed heavily.

Samuel was still f—–g her deep and wide. She used her spiritual eyes to open the door that Samuel bolted 25 minutes ago and immediately, the door flung open and someone came inside.

To be continued.

Guess who came inside?

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