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CATEGORY-: Story Time
[Story] Snake Ladies – An Enchanting Story (Season 1 ~ Episode 14)
Posted By verified On  September 6th, 2021 Story Time 0 163 Views
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Snake Ladies

I looked at my phone and saw my old friend calling me. I was very surprised because I couldn’t remember the last time I received a call from Segun.

Me: hello Segun the bad guy. This one wey you remember me, hope all is well.
Segun: haba bro, no be so na. You know say man no get chance again this days.

Me: lol.. Wetin you dey do when chance no dey. You dey busy dey bleeb old women I think.

Mrs Bukky by now was tired of waiting for me. She came close as if she was interested in what I was saying and pecked me close to my mouth before saying the words GOOD BYE.

I walked to my car, entered iinside and started the engine.

Segun: you dey craze ni, at least i dey drive my own BMW after enjoying the old wine.

Me: hahaha. Old wine indeed. What of Ayo, hope you dey hear from the guy.

Segun: why not, about that, party dey along G estate. I wan introduce you to somebody. Abeg you go fit come?

Me: why not but who be the person wey you wat introduced me to na?

Segun: no worry, just come and see for yourself.

Me: OK, if you say so but I hope say Ayo go dey there?

Segun: yes why not.

Me: good. Ehen before I forget, I think G estate is owned by one mama G………
The line went dead. May be his airtime has finished. And I still have many things to tell him including my new job. Well, I am already running late. I put on my seat belt and drove out of the parking lot heading home.

A huge smile was on my face as I remember tobi who was still in the office doing my work.

I gently pressed the door button and almost immediately, Anita came out hugging me tightly. I kissed her passionately before entering inside.

Me: hmmmmm, thats the aroma of my favorite food. I can’t wait to devour it. Abeg serve me quickly.

I said and she laughed

Anita: at least go and take your bath na.

Me: taaa serve me my food ooo.

She laughed and headed straight to the kitchen returning with a plate of pounded yam with vegetable soup garnished with all sorts of fish and meat.

I started eating happily. One thing I love about Anita is that she is a great cook.

Me: honey, I would be traveling on Wednesday with my boss.

I said swallowing the delicious food.

Anita: *looking worried* for what na?

Me: to sign a contract.

Anita: but are you her PA?

Me: *swallowing like no tomorrow* Me too tire o.

Anita: how many days will it take?

Me: maybe two days
Anita: hmmm

Me: before i forget, segun called me!

Anita: eyaa, the old guy that helped us that day shey.

Me: hahaha, segun is not as old as you think oo. He even invited me to a party around G estate.

Anita: yepee, i am going with you?

Me: for where, stay their abeg. Its because of Ayo thats why i am going self. I just want to see them and be right back.

Anita: ok oo.. Don’t stay long.

Me: i don hear, make i finish my delicious food first.

I said and she laughed.

I finished eating and she cleared the plate. Wow, what a delicious meal. I quickly took my bath, wore my best cloth, shoes and watch. Yes i must look good to enter an estate.

When i was through, i got into my car and drove off to the party not after kissing my lovely Anita.

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