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CATEGORY-: Story Time
[Story] Snake Ladies – An Enchanting Story (Season 1 ~ Episode 6)
Posted By verified On  August 5th, 2021 Story Time 0 149 Views
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Snake Ladies

We have got this enchanting Story, titled: “Snake Ladies” written by Mustapha Idris Musty and here is Season 1 with a brand new Episode for your reading pleasure and am sure you’re going to learn a lot from this story..

Evening of the same day.
Mrs bukky: *chatting with mama T on phone* hahaha. I know what you are cable of mama T
Mama T: yes na. Erm bukky, remember that our ladies meeting i told you about?
Mrs Bukky: yes na, the one you once said it was aimed at making women rich and powerful.
Mama T: i am thinking its high time you become a member of the meeting na?
Mrs bukky: ahh mama T, i can’t oo.. The meeting is known to have sugar boys and my husband will be angry at me if he finds out that i have been with you guys.
Mama T: haba na, the meeting is harmless. Infact, its just a committee of friends and the sugar boy part can be kept secret from your husband na.
Mrs bukky: please mama T, i can’t join you guys. Lets change this cat and rat topic abeg.
They chatted for a while before they ended the conversation. Mama T and Mrs bukky were friends since from their university days, while mama T was jobless, bukky got married to a rich man who uses his connections and made her the manager of NESCO. Not quite long, mama T became very rich. Since then, she have been disturbing bukky to join their occultic group known as the snake ladies.
She was careful not to mention that it was an occultic group. She disguised it as a meeting and always tells bukky that it is harmless meeting for her to be caught in her trap.
Mrs bukky: (shouting) junior!!
Junior her 15 yrs old child came
Mrs bukky: get me a cup of water
Junior: yes ma
he ran off to bring her a glass of water.
Mrs bukky: *hmm, i will never join mama T and her strange friends. Never, my spirit is against it.. Hmmm. Yes before i forget, let me call that guy that came for the interview* she thought in her mind reaching for her iphone 7
To be continued….. Stay tuned!

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