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CATEGORY-: Story Time
[Story] The Black Marriage – Heart Melting Story (Episode 10)
Posted Byverified On  August 31st, 2021 Story Time 0 168 Views
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The Black Marriage

“How is life as a married woman” Paulina asked after some time. Jessica swallowed slightly. “Life is beautiful. You should all get married” “Yeah, we are working on it” Sonia said, focusing her eyes on the decorations on the wall. Lizzy was in thought and Jessica was curious as to what she would say.

Lizzy was the one who always saw deep into things and people; that was one of the reasons why Jessica always tried not to spend so much time with her alone, especially when she had something to hide. “How are you coping with Andy’s work schedule?” Lizzy asked pointedly.
Jessica swallowed. “It is my cross but I am coping. It can be hard not to have him around most of the time but it is fine, we understand each other” Jessica said with a smile. “I only wonder why he has to go to work every time. I mean, he is the owner of that money-making company which spread across the country, why should he work himself half to death when he has more than enough employees?” Lizzy continued. Like I have not asked myself the same question, Jessica thought. “He has shareholders to answer to and he is already used to the office, you can’t blame him” “Well, to me, if his going to the office is what brought about this beautiful house, he should continue his workaholic routine” Sonia said. “Sonia” Paulina called. “Money would not kill you. Banker” “Is it easy?” she retorted. “Jessie, are we expecting Andy junior?” Jessica choked on her drink at Paulina’s question. She coughed as the drink clung to her throat and made it impossible to talk. The ladies muttered apologies until she became calm but she caught Lizzy’s curious look. “Most times I forget the type of friends I have” thinking of a way of escape, she faced Lizzy. “Liz, have you settled your dispute with Alex?” It worked because everyone started talking at once. “Don’t mind this stubborn girl, she refused to apologize to him o” Paulina said.
“Why should I apologize when he is clearly at fault? He did not remember my birthday and he wants me to just forgive him when he has not begged properly? Abeg free me jare” Lizzy said and hissed.

“I agree with her, the guy should take off his pride and apologize” Sonia said. “I think Alex should apologize nonetheless, I mean, men are scarce these days, we should hold on to ours firmly” Paulina pointed out. “She is right” Sonia said again. Jessica heaved a sigh, happy that she was not the subject matter again.
Andy sat on the chair in his office the next day doing absolutely nothing. He should have gone home hours back when there was almost nothing for him to do but he could not imagine going home. Although Jessica always dressed like a saint who was still living in the era of his forefathers, he felt drawn towards her. That day in the kitchen during their honeymoon was a day he had desperately tried to get out of his mind. Standing so close to her that day had made him aware of her perfume which was totally feminine. He had always known that she was beautiful because he would never have picked someone less beautiful to be his wife for a day but that day, he had come to the full realization of her exquisite beauty. He had noticed that she did not have black pupils but instead had dark grey. The realization had stunned him. But most of all, he had been thrown off balance by
how slim her waist was. He could not remember how his hands had managed to get to her waist but he couldn’t have been more surprised when he noticed the slim waist she had. The dresses she always wore were big enough to hide her waist and hips but ever since that day, he kept on imagining what was beneath that cloth. His eyes had never even seen her legs before. He had decided to use work as a good distraction and it worked to a certain extent.

His phone rang and he frowned when he saw the caller. His dad? The number proved that he was already in Nigeria. “Dad?” he said immediately he picked up. “Yes son, how are you doing?” “Are you in Nigeria?” Andy stood up from his chair. “Yes I am. Get ready to receive me in your house tonight because I would be having dinner with you today” The alarm sounded in Andy’s head. Trust his father to always put them on the spot. “What? I mean… why didn’t you tell me you have arrived Nigeria? When did you arrive?” Andy was pacing. “This afternoon. I would be at your house in three hours time. I need to see my daughter in law face to
face and not some unclear picture, although she looked stunning in those wedding pictures” His dad ended the call and Andy stared at the phone in agitation.

Three hours! The words echoed in his head. How was he going to convince his ever suspicious father that he and Jessica were in love? Jessica was a strong headed girl, how was he going to convince her to act like a loving wife, perfectly enough to convince his father? Does she even know how loving wives behaved? He wondered.

He took his car keys and his suit jacket and left the office instantly………..

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