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CATEGORY-: Story Time
[Story] The Black Marriage – Heart Melting Story (Episode 14)
Posted Byverified On  September 9th, 2021 Story Time 0 142 Views
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The Black Marriage

Andy roamed the masters’ bedroom in anxious strides. He was angry, confused, hurt and every unpleasant emotional feeling that can come to mind. Jessica had been sitting in the sitting room for over an hour, with her eyes glued to the TV set. She had refused to enter the room saying she would only go in when it suits her.

Jessica was the most stubborn woman that Andy had ever laid his eyes on. He was angry because he saw no reason why she should vehemently refuse to enter the room, although he knew that it can’t be easy for woman to accept sleeping in the same room with a guy. ‘But she is my wife’, he thought frustratedly and paused. Even though the truth was so bitter, he had to admit that he was angry because he could not imagine sleeping alone in the room when Jessica was just by the corner. It had been hard for the past few days but seeing Jessica tonight had almost turned him mad with desire to touch her. The mere thought that she was avoiding him like a plague was so insulting and infuriating. He had gone out countless number of times to take one thing or the other just to catch her attention and make her know that he was still awake but she did not seem to even notice. He had never been this angry over such a meaningless issue.
He finally removed his clothes and went into the bathroom, hoping that the cold water would calm his nerves.

Jessica had been watching a late night Mexican movie but she could barely recount what had happened in the movie which had already been concluded. She had been brainstorming a possible solution to the predicament she suddenly found herself. She had changed into a big night robe and sat in the sitting room hoping for a miracle. when no solution came to mind, she still sat there, hoping that Andy would be asleep by the time she got into the room.

This was what annoyed her: Andy refused to sleep. He kept on going in and out of the room and she kept on waiting even though she was feeling so dizzy.


She jumped and turned. Her father-in-law stood before her, looking at her critically. “You are still awake?”

She swallowed slightly then smiled. “Yes sir, I wanted to watch a soap opera before I sleep. I was just about entering now because the movie just ended”.

“OK, where is Andy?”
“He is in the room; he does not like Mexican movies” she paused and frowned. “I thought you were asleep dad, you had a hectic trip”

He smiled slightly, liking the fact that she called him dad.

“I am a light sleeper. I was asleep but I heard the sound of the TV and came out thinking that you left the TV on and went to bed”

“Oh, sorry I disturbed you sir. I would just put everything off now and go to bed”

Mr Williams went back to his room and Jessica had to agree with Andy that his father was indeed very cunning. She put off the TV and all the lights and walked to the room. She was banking on the hope that Andy was already asleep since she hadn’t seen him for almost thirty minutes. She adjusted the gown around her body even though it was not really necessary, then she pulled the door open.

The room was very welcoming and tidy. She closed the door and walked in but Andy was not there. She looked around critically but did not see him. The sound of water coming from the bathroom gave her the answer she needed. She swallowed and adjusted the bed spread which did not look like anyone had lain on it recently. The room had Andy’s perfume clinging to it, making her aware of Andy who was in the bathroom.
She heard the bathroom door open and she froze as her heart beat wildly. Andy saw Jessica immediately he stepped out of the bathroom. She was obviously very nervous as it showed on her and her stiff back which was turned to him. The sight of her made his heart quicken alarmingly and he frowned, wondering what the hell was wrong with him.

“I thought you would never come inside the room” Andy said.

“I won’t deny that sleeping on the couch had crossed my mind” her back was still turned to him”

“Is that how scary I am. I am not going to bite you unless situation calls for it” he was flirting with her, Jessica knew.

“Situation would not call for anything, you gave your word” Jessica said with agitation and turned. She became iced immediately wishing she had stayed with her back to him…………..

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