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CATEGORY-: Story Time
[Story] The Black Marriage – Heart Melting Story (Episode 15)
Posted By verified On  September 9th, 2021 Story Time 0 143 Views
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The Black Marriage

That was the very first time that she would really see his chest. His chest was filled with athletic muscles which depicted power and strength. He looked alarmingly inviting and try as she may, she could not take her eyes off him.

She forgot to breathe as she stared with curious interest; apart from his chest being muscled, it was also hairy.
Staying in the room just became more difficult, she thought absently. For the first time, Andy left the doorway of the bathroom, moving fully into the room. Jessica turned nervously and raised the blanket up so she could get under in and on the bed but she was slow, maybe deliberately slow.

Andy’s hand touched her shoulder and she shivered and turned instantly. That was the biggest mistake she made.

The only time she had been that close to Andy was that moment in the kitchen during their weird honeymoon.

Standing so close to him now was much more frightening because he was shirtless. He looked totally masculine.

Breathing became an impossible task as she gazed at his chest, not able to look into his eyes.

Andy took his hands off her but kept his gaze on her, probing her senses.

“What are you doing Drew?” Jessica asked, her voice barely above a whisper. He was no longer touching her but she still felt the heat of his palm against her shoulder. She could not move away from him also because she was trapped between his massive body and the extra-large bed.

“What were you thinking when you wore that gown?”

She breathed deeply. “I was not thinking anything”
He did not know when his left hand left his side to touch her hair. She had packed the hair the way she was used to again and he so wanted to see the hair without the band. “I think you knew what you were doing. You were trying to seduce me Jess”.

Jessica laughed. A very uncomfortable laughter that she was trying to use to ease her tension. Jessica had tried to convince herself that she was trying to get into character but she had to accept the fact that she had chosen that cloth with Andy in mind. She hated having Andy see her as an unattractive woman. It was definitely a mistake. “If I was, did it work?” She pushed.

He smiled. “Let me show you just how much”

Before she could think of a word of protest, he pulled her into his arms, pinning her to his flat chest. He gazed directly into her eyes, trying hard to control himself. Her lips beckoned invitingly but he was determined to never do anything that she didn’t agree to.

Slowly, he lowered his head to hers keeping his gaze steady with huge difficulty. He kissed her nose, expecting a refusal and hoping that none would come. Jessica was not about to back down. It had been so long since she had allowed herself the attention of a man and Andy was more of a man than any other man she had come across.
Andy’s lips covered hers as he kissed her with the whole of his heart. For more than a month, he could hardly think about anything other than kissing Jessie.

He could not resist the temptation again, he removed the hair band and buried his hand inside. He marvelled at the length of the hair and texture as he kissed her hungrily. He sensed his control going over the bar and quickly broke the kiss as they both tried to control their breathing.

He instantly left her, not trusting himself to stay close to her for a second without touching her. “Go to sleep sweetheart, I can’t control myself with you”.

Before Jessie could respond he walked back into the bathroom for another cold bath.

Andy finally stood up from the bed around past five. He hadn’t been able to get any sleep throughout the night. He had turned countless number of times on the floor, unable to sleep at all. The floor had been a bit comfortable so his discomfort was not because of his position but because of his constantly straying thoughts. Staying in the same room with Jessica was more challenging than he thought. He walked over to her and saw her sleeping soundly. Her hair was still loosed the way he liked it. Even though her cloth was not what he was hoping for, she looked like a queen diva.

He brushed away the strands of hair in her face and her striking face hit him and made him speechless.

What is happening to me? He wondered and walked out of the room instantly…….

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