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CATEGORY-: Story Time
[Story] The Black Marriage – Heart Melting Story (Episode 8)
Posted Byverified On  August 20th, 2021 Story Time 0 137 Views
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The Black Marriage

“How could you do a thing like that son?” Mr. Williams was yelling on the phone.

Andy had been postponing this call but now, he didn’t have to. He had done the wedding without his father’s consent. His father had been in Germany on an important business trip when he got married. He had intentionally fixed the wedding for that time.
Mr. Williams had been preaching marriage to Andy, ever since he became thirty because he said it was good to make hay while the sun was still shinning but Andy was not ready for any commitment. Everything had become complicated when his father introduced him to a girl on his thirty fourth birthday. The girl was the spoilt daughter of one of his rich friends and they were already talking marriage. When they would not yield to Andy’s refusal, he decided to take a step. Hiring a bride had been the best solution to his dilemma and he had been so happy when he found someone who was also opposed against marriage. He knew that if his dad were present, he would know that the marriage was a farce.

“I did what you have been asking me to do dad” “You got married behind my back? Do you know how happy a man is when he sees his son getting married?” “I am sorry dad but I had to do it. I felt that if I told you, you would object to the wedding. I can’t get married to Sylvia dad” The very idea horrified him. “Still you should have told me, I am your dad, I had to watch my own son get married on the television. If your mother were alive, she-” “Please don’t go there again dad” Andy sighed. They had been arguing this issue for almost an hour.
Andy’s mum had died while giving birth to Andy. Andy was the second child and the only son of his parents. His sister was married to a Ghanaian guy and they had two strikingly beautiful girls to show for it.

“All the same son, I am so happy for you. I would be in Nigeria soon so you better be prepared to face me.” Andy smiled. His father could never stay angry with him for long. Andy was exactly like his father; they were both stubborn and always had a way of having what they wanted, no matter the cost. Andy knew that he needed to get a very convincing story for his father, if not; the elderly man would see his ploy instantly.
Jessica had sent the cook back to her house in order to see to the cooking herself. She had changed back to a long skirt and a small top after Lizzy left and she really wanted to do the cooking herself. She knew that if she had spent those hours in Sonia’s company, she would have not been this happy. Lizzy was so perfect when you need a goodtime. She looked at the ingredients in the small shelf and decided to cook jollof rice. She fried the chicken first, enjoying the delicious aroma that filled the kitchen. She rinsed some fresh tomatoes, onions green beans and carrot in order to add color to the food.
Melodious tunes escaped her lips as she sliced the tomatoes and the other condiments into bits. Andy cleared his throat and Jessica shrieked, almost hitting her finger with the knife. He tried unsuccessfully to hide his grin as Jessie put her slender hand against her heart. “Did you have to startle me?”

“I never knew you could be frightened by anything” he walked towards her. He had been standing at the entrance for some seconds, watching and listening to Jessica as she worked and sang. He never knew she could sing or that she had a lovely voice.

Jessica turned back to her work, taking out the brown chicken from the pan and replacing them with fresh ones. She did not like having people sneak up on her; it was always so frightening and unnerving.

“How was your day?” Andy asked her even though he was staring hungrily at the chicken in the perforated bowl. “It was fun”.

She saw his hand go out slowly to touch the inviting chicken and she smacked it, raising her finger in warning. When he tried to take it again, she blocked it with her body and faced him, but she instantly knew that she had made a horrible mistake. She had to bend her head backwards in order to look at Andy. He was standing devastatingly close and he put his hands on the cabinet on either sides of her, successfully trapping her. “What are you doing?”
His eyes held a level of laughter and amusement. “You are the one who put yourself at my front” “Let me go” “Are you frightened” He moved closer, making it very difficult for her to breathe.

Jessica shook her head. “Of course not. You would not do anything improper, so I am safe with you” “Nothing I do with my wife would be improper Jess” he took his hands off the cabinet and they dropped to her waist, giving a measured level of panic. “Drew” she gasped and he lowered his head instantly. His lips were just a breath away from hers and Jessica’s eyes dropped shut. Their breath mingled and Jessie’s heartbeat quickened then Andy dropped a kiss on her cheeks and stepped back. Jessica’s eyes flew open and it settled on Andy. He held out a fried chicken and put it in his mouth for a bite. “Hmmm… Delicious” he murmured and walked slowly out of the kitchen, as Jessica stood, shaken and stunned by what just happened……..

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