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CATEGORY-: Story Time
[Story] The Black Marriage – Heart Melting Story (Episode 9)
Posted Byverified On  August 31st, 2021 Story Time 0 167 Views
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The Black Marriage

Two months into the wedding and Jessica was already feeling extremely frustrated. Ever since they left the beach after the pathetic honeymoon, Andy had gone worse, leaving the house at seven and arriving a little before midnight when she would have been fast asleep. At first, it did not bother her because she was overtaken by the massive and tastefully furnished house but after spending a week in the house and was already used to its beauty, the house bored her. The maid and the gateman in the house were the only people she talked with; asides that, she talked with herself alone. When she had said ‘Yes’ to Andy, she never imagined it would be this bad. The way Andy had been behaving, it was like he could not even stand one second of being in her company; he even always looked for one reason or the other to go out on Sundays. Somehow, she wondered if her stay would have been worse that it already was if Andy had stayed home more. It was a Saturday and Andy was obviously at work so Jessica decided to spend the time with her friends. The three women decided they would all come over to Jessica’s house since they hadn’t visited her since she got married. Jessica was happy about a little fun even if it would last for just a few hours. She entered the kitchen feeling some level of excitement. “Well done Ada” she greeted the maid. “Thanks ma” the young girl responded, smiling.
“uhmmmmnn… I love this aroma” The girl grinned. “It must be the chicken” she said. “I think it is the combination of rice and chicken. What is yet to be done?” Jessica asked, needing something to busy herself with. Ada looked critically at everything. “I think the only thing left undone is your appearance ma” she smiled.
She had become friends with Jessica and now she felt comfortable chatting with her madam the way she would normally chat with her friend. Jessica frowned. “What is wrong with my appearance?” “You need to look like the hostess ma. You are not dressed yet” Jessica put her hands on her hips. “Now you sound like Lizzy. What is wrong with what I am putting on? I am not going anywhere” Ada let her eyes roam over the body of her boss and tried hard not to grimace. The gown Jessica was putting on was specifically for someone who was twice her size and Ada wondered why Jessica was always trying hard to look unattractive when it was not even working. Despite the shabby dresses Jessica wore, she still looked exceptionally outstanding with her spotless round face with a lengthy hair to die for. “Anything would look good on you ma’am” Ada said.

“Hmmm, why the change of tone now? Don’t worry, I would change the clothes”.

Two hours later, Jessica was waltzing down the staircase in a beautiful but similarly big gown. She sat in the sitting room and put on the TV, relaxing her back as she waited for her friends. She was hungry but she wanted to eat with her friends, so that they won’t be eating and she would be looking due to an already filled stomach. She heard the doorbell and went there happily before Ada could even think of leaving the kitchen.
“Open this heavenly door Jessie” she heard Lizzy say and she smiled. Paulina’s ‘Comport yourself’ was not lost on her too as she opened the door with a big smile on her face.

The ladies screamed and cooed in delight as they fussed over Jessie. “See this small babe of yesterday ooo, your face is so fresh and your cheeks are fuller” Lizzy said with delight. “Oh please” Jessica giggled. Sonia kissed Jessica’s cheek. “I have missed you honey” “Me too dear” Jessica said truthfully and stared at Paulina. “It is only proper that I greet the mummy of the house last right? I have her to thank for making the rest of you look so dashing” They laughed. “If I don’t take care of them, who will?” Paulina asked dramatically. “We are old enough to take care of ourselves mummy” Lizzy and Sonia chorused and they all laughed. “Well, get your little butts inside” Jessica said and they all left the entrance.

“Oh my God, this house is dynamite” Paulina exclaimed as they all murmured one thing or the other about the house. “Comport Yourself” Lizzy said to her and Sonia laughed at them.
“Babe, you are enjoying ooo, this house is amazing. You are the luckiest babe on earth” Sonia said.

“Lucky” Jessica muttered silently as they all sat down. Ada came to the sitting room and greeted everyone before whispering something into her boss’ ear. Jessica nodded and Ada left. “Well ladies, let’s eat first before we have a nice chat or we do both at the same time” “Neglecting your table manners?” Paulina asked with a raised eyebrow. “Maybe. How does fried rice, salad and fried chicken sound to you guys?” Everyone jumped out of their seats and headed for the dinning. “I think we can forfeit the table manners for today” Paulina said.

They had all eaten and were busy sipping drinks. The food had been so delicious that they all ate to their fill and even more. As they sat in the sitting room, the talked about everything that came to their minds………..

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