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CATEGORY-: Story Time
[Story] The Devil Who Loved Me – A Story Of Love And Betrayal (Episode 7)
Posted Byverified On  August 17th, 2021 Story Time 0 148 Views
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The Devil Who Loved Me

Timi: come down and join the dance, we are here because of you
I turned back to face the boy that had haunted my night all those months
Me: I am good here
Timi: come on, don’t be a snob..
I just ignored him like he wasn’t there anymore; luckily a girl came and yanked him away. It wasn’t long before we started moving again, it ws like Ajebo people had been waiting for us, cause they joined immediately. The dressing of the girls was such an appetizer, guys left everything they were suppose to do and joined us like zombies…when we got to Shokas, the crowd had gotten slightly out of control, the music had taken a life of its own…Abayomi’s name was everywhere…the dancing on the streets was more than what we experienced when Michael Adenuga came to bury his mum in the town. I was moving slowly to the beats when Abayomi came and scooped me off my feet, in no time I was dancing with him, a couple of girls came around us and started hailing, Abayomi was happy…I was happy.. Within the blink of an eye, the person dancing with me was Timi..i wanted to step back but people were staring and he knew it. He had that cute boyish smile on his face, his hands were on my waist…I didn’t want to dance anymore but the d–n waist was moving to the rhythm of his hand…I wasn’t thinking. I was just dancing…he smiled…he was winning…I stopped and joined Toun with some girls that were sharing drinks. That was when the first shot deafened us all..
I was rooted to the spot, I was scared, people started running everywhere. Another shot was fired, some guys all dressed in the same color in a Bmw came down, their faces mean as hell. I couldn’t find anybody…no Toun…no Abayomi..even Kofo was not seen…then someone came and pulled my hands. He was running, I had no option than to run along. He didn’t let go, we were running back into the streets of Shokas..i couldn’t run fast enough, so Timi carried me…my head rested on his chest. His heartbeat was loud. He entered a hall that had “june 12” written on it and screamed for one “Bode” to open his door. The residents of shokas were scared, I doubted if Bode would open his door, until an opened door signified that he actually did. Timi dropped me gently on the bed and started to go out the door
Me: Timi! Where are you going?
Timi: I have to go look for Abayomi..he is my responsibility now, Bode will take care of you
He was out of the door when I shouted again
Me: Timi!
Timi: yes!
Me: please be careful.
I must have slept because I woke up to Abayomi’s tap.
Abayomi: time to go home sleeping beauty.
Me: oh thank God you are safe, what of Toun?
Abayomi: she is fine, let’s go dear.
I wanted to ask about Timi, but it would have sounded weird. It was about 6pm when Abayomi for me. I recognized the rickety Mazda immediately we stepped outside. Toun was seated at the back, Abayomi joined her. Timi opened the door of the front seat for me…why didn’t Abayomi just sit in front with him…stupid boy
Timi: how are you?
I saw genuine care in his eyes when he asked that question. I had been scared, I didn’t know what would have happened if he hadn’t come for me.
Me: I am fine
Toun: we were looking all over for you until Timi told us you were safe.
Abayomi: yeah, we were..
I know a reasonable person would have told Timi thank you , but I wasn’t ready to be reasonable with this boy that scarred my heart.
Abayomi: Timi, you get any idea wetin cause those people to throw way like that
Timi: baba, I no know o…you will need protection though, atleast till the election is over.
Toun: baby, I think you should consider those people o…them uche
Abayomi: yes babe, I thought about it..what do you think Timi?
Me: no way… we cannot be coerced to dine with the devil
Timi was smiling..
Me: why are you smilling?
Timi: I always liked your strength..
Yeah right, after rescuing me from fright some hours ago….mumu boy
Abayomi: what do you think jare Timi?
Timi: I will go with Tana on this one..
Abayomi: I don’t know what else I expected from you sef,,,mchwww.. Toun baby…kiss me jor..
Toun: how does kiss enter this matter now?
Abayomi: baby I thought I would lose you…I realized I havnt even kissed you today..
Timi: you both should get a room o…
Toun: babe no kisses jor..
Before we knew it, both of them were kissing at the back
Toun: I love you boo
Abayomi: me too dear…
I caught Timi stealing a glance at me…

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