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CATEGORY-: Story Time
[Story] The New Compound – An Addictive Story (Episode 2)
Posted Byverified On  October 15th, 2021 Story Time 0 1142 Views
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the New compound

Anne’s body was as stiff as a dry fish. A mere stare at her body says it all. Her face was calm as usual but everything else seem old in the room. I had no answer to how the family died and I wasn’t even sure if there death was normal or spiritual.

I wanted to turn back and run straight to our apartment, but my legs refused to move. I didn’t even realise the tears on my face and I I didn’t know whether the tears was out of pity for the family or if it was out of fear for my own life.

I stared at the bodies for some minutes and I noticed some movement. I became alarmed when I realise that the four corpses were now staring at me with a blank expression. I felt a sudden surge of immediately and I made an attempt to run.

Lo and behold, my leg was not moving. My feet literally refused to move and it looks as if my legs was nailed to the ground. Every attempt to move my legs was so painful and that was when I realised that I just landed myself in premium trouble.

I spent more than five minutes on a single spot thinking about how my funeral is going to be like. I tried to move my legs again but it didn’t budge.

“Is Anne really dead. What’s happening here. Who killed them. Did Anne murder her family?”, I asked myself without expecting anyone to answer.

I was still trying to a device a way of escape when a gusting wind took over of the room and it started throwing the whole things in the room around.

It seems like the wind released my sticky legs because I was able to able to move freely. The four family were still lying motionlessly on the ground and I couldn’t pin point the exact person that was controlling the wind.

I started running towards the exit door as soon as my legs got released. I was just about to place my hands on the door knob when an unseen hand pulled me back. The force of the hand was as strong as that of “The Mountain” in Game of thrones. It got to a point that I started wondering if I owned the hand some money.

I couldn’t even fight or resist it. When I tried to yank the hand off my leg , the unseen hand gave me a slap that almost blinded me. It became difficult for me to hear with my right side ear and I found myself straining my ears to hear the gusting sound of the wind.

The hand pulled me back into the room with great speed and it threw me hard against the wall.

I thought that was all until I sighted the dead body of Anne staring at me from the ceiling. “When did Anne get to the ceiling. Who moved her body”, I asked my self.

I wanted to scream but no single word came out of my mouth. It was as if my whole body was tied. “My village people had gotten me eventually. This will be the end of me”, I whispered to myself.

The blank facial expression of Anne started changing into a grin, a wild one at that and all I could do was to stare at her.

“None of this would have happened if you had stayed in your house”, she said in a growling voice.” You might have live to see tomorrow if you hadn’t come to this place, but now, you’ll have to join my family here”, she growled again and her claws started to emerge. This was when I realised that I’m in deep trouble.

She descended from the ceiling and she started moving towards me with her long claws. I couldn’t resist of call for help. I just kept on staring at my impending death, not after re-dedicating my life to christ for the twentieth time.

She moved close to me and she placed her claws on my neck.

“Jesus!”, I whispered silently and slowly. It seems like the name triggered her and she moved back out of fear.

The burden that was on me lessened for a seconds and I stood up immediately, running out of the room and towards the exit door.

I was fortunately able to exit the house and I didn’t even use the stairs. I just jumped down from the top out of fear and I sprained my left leg in the process.

“Thank God. I’m out of the house”, I thought to myself.

The whole compound was dark and I couldn’t see anything. The only thing I could see was the door of our apartment.

I rushed in into our house with my sprained leg and I locked the door immediately.

“Why did you say that name”, the growling voice of Anne said behind me with a much more angry tone.

I turned back to behold the monstrous figure of Anne with a much more longer claws and a very long knife that was dripping of blood.


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