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CATEGORY-: Story Time
[Story] The New Compound – An Addictive Story (Episode 4)
Posted Byverified On  October 20th, 2021 Story Time 1 1140 Views
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The New Compound

☠He opened the door wider and he gestured on me to come in. Their menacing grin turned into a wide cheerful smile that rendered me powerless and it made me loosened my guard.

The smiles on their face was so harmless and I was already at the verge of giving in to them when reality struck me and I remembered the kind of situation I was in. Entering the house with them is obviously a direct passage to the afterlife and they are going to snap my neck off the very first second I enter the living room.

I needed no one to tell me what to do. I turned as fast as I could and I started running towards the direction of the gate. I concluded that the compound was no longer safe for me to pass the night, so I’ll have to go somewhere else.

I hadn’t taken more than four steps towards the gate when I saw Anne standing at the gate with countless numbers of knife that she was yet to use on me. Her hairs was standing tall and her whole physique was terrific.

At that instant, the whole structure and everything I fell in love with the first day we arrived into turned to death immediately. I hated the first day I stepped into the compound. I cu.rsed the first day I saw Anne. It was as if everything else was working against me that night.

I stopped running the moment I sighted her. She wasn’t moving. Guess she just wanted to serve as a barricade.

I became alarmed when the thought of them torturing me throughout the night hit my mind. I started thinking of many escape strategies immediately.

I thought of running towards the fence and then jump over it, but then, the fence was too high. Professional thi.eves are the only person that can jump over it effortlessly.

I was still busy devising a way of escape when I saw Mr John’s bathroom light on. Mr John is our fourth neighbour.

Seeing his bathroom light on suggested that he was awake and he was probably easing himself by that time of the night.

I ran to his apartment with full speed and I started knocking on his door.

“Mr John!!, please open your door”, I screamed with my whole strength.

The door was opened few seconds later and luckily for me, it wasn’t opened by a ghost. I rushed into his living room as soon as he opened the door.

“What’s happening. Why are you here”, Mr John asked me as soon as I curled myself into a corner. “What is the problem”, Mr John asked again, oblivious of what has been happening.

“We are living with a ghost, Mr John. We’ve been living with a ghost and they are presently downstairs”.

“Ghosts!!”,he repeated again as if to confirm.

“Yes, Ghost. Anne and his family are ghost and they have held Mr Daniel’s family captive. They are currently after my life now and they are trying to kill me”, I explained to him without pausing.

“You mean Ghost?”, he repeated again.

“Yes, Mr John. Ghosts”, I answered him.

“Is that the reason why you’re afraid”?.

“Are you not afraid”, I asked him as soon as he said that.

“Why should I be afraid. We are all ghost here. Are you not a ghost”, he asked me with a mild grin on his face.

“Ghost as how”, I asked him with fresh tears on my face.

“I am a ghost as well. Thought you’ve been one because you have the same smell as us and we don’t allow any humans to live us us. We usually ki.ll them as soon as we know”.

“Yeeehhhhh”. My eyes popped out in horror as soon as he said that. I realised that we’ve been living in a wrong compound. All our co-tenants are ghost after all.


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