Congrats!! Obesere Signs A Multi-Million Dollar Deal with US Label, Freeworld Musik


A United States of America based recording company, Freeworld Music, and foremost Fuji musician and pioneer of Fujipop music, Alhaji Abass Akande Obesere, will, henceforth, have a lot to do together as the latter just signed a multi-million dollar recording deal with the former.

Freeworld Music is a US-based Nigerian record label company with high profile.

Concerning the deal, Freeworld Music, when announcing and unveiling the Vice Chancellor of Entertainment in the USA recently, said Obesere, being the bride of many music lovers all over the world and the pioneer of Fujipop music, has so much impacted the entertainment industry positively.

This suggests that Obesere will be doing more of a mixture of Fuji and Hip-hop, among other things, for the recording company.

But the actual amount of the worth of the three year deal is yet unknown.

Speaking after the unveiling, Obesere, who has been on USA Music Tour since July, thanked God for the deal and appreciated his fans all over the world for supporting the brand hitherto.

He, however, said the deal has been signed and work starts anytime soon, assuring his fans all over the world to expect something they haven’t heard before from the new music dimension- Fujipop.

Catch all the Glimpses below:-

Congrats to Obesere!

This Is Why I Am Yet To Be Married At 31 Says Iyanya


Mavin artiste Iyanya has opened up on why he is still single at 31.

Speaking with Saturday Beats, the KUKERE crooner said, getting girls is in no way his issues, as he could get any whenever he wanted, but has other things he needs to devout time to

“How do I miss the attention of women when I am running away from them? Check me out, even without music, you think I would not get girls? Girls are not an issue, they flock around me and it is even happening as I speak with you. I am not in love with anybody at the moment because I am focused on a lot of things. When the time comes, nobody would know.”

He continued;

“When I fall in love again, I am definitely not going to inform the press and the reason is simple, anytime I step out to tell the world that this is my girlfriend, I end up losing the girl. Over the years, I have learnt to keep it to myself. I would show the world my videos and shows but not my girlfriend. I would not show the world when we are kissing. I have learnt from my past mistakes,” he said.

On his fame dwindling, Iyanya said;

“I feel nothing when people say I am not the Iyanya they used to know because everything is in their head. What you think about me is not what is happening in my world and you think such because of what you see or hear. I am fine, I am blessed and I am still touring the world. I am happy. So, if you are over there thinking that Iyanya is not who he used to be, then that is your thought and has nothing to do with me.”

He continued, “Everything about me is still happening on a high level; don’t judge me based on what I post on social media. I am blessed and it is for life. You cannot judge me based on what you see me post. I show you only what I want you to see, it does not mean that my life depends on the pictures or videos that I post. This is a social media world where people judge you based on what they see on your social media pages.

“That is not my life; it is only what I show people. I have a life that is different from what I post, so no one can generalise my being just by looking at pictures. People would have different opinions about my music but as an entertainer, I have to be versatile. I won a competition in 2008 and within the ten weeks that the competition lasted, I was expected to do different genres of music. I don’t just have fans that want to listen to dance songs, there are those who want to hear me sing, so there is nothing wrong with stepping the tempo up or down because I am not catering to a particular kind of fans. I have people who love the Kukere guy while the others are in love with the guy that won MTN Project Fame nine years ago. I always try to balance it but it is okay for people to have their opinion but I am doing very well.”

“You Have Way Too Much Suppressed Pain And Anger” Says Burna Boy’s Therapist To Him

burna boy

Nigerian musician, Burna Boy revealed this in a post via Instagram stories hours ago, saying although he might never go back to see the therapist who disclosed this to him, he now knows what’s wrong with him!

See what he wrote;

burna boy

“I Don’t Want Anybody To Label Me A Nollywood Actor” Says Jim Iyke

jim iyke

Actor/businessman, Jim Iyke whose acting career in the Nigerian movie industry took off in 2001, in an interview with Pulse Nigeria talked about a role he would love to play, and why he doesn’t want to be labeled ‘a Nollywood actor.’

“I have never played a G.ay role and I have no desire of playing anything like that. I have had a long career, a lot of movies, I have pretty much stretched everything that there is.

“But is there a role out there [that I haven’t played]? I can’t think of any off the top of my head.”

He, however, revealed the real-life character he would love to interpret on screen.

“It’s a man with the depth of Denzel [Washington.] Denzel is not just an actor, that’s how I don’t want to be perceived as well.

“That’s why I’m always going off and on to go educate myself some more, elevate my mind some more, invest in things that are outside the confines, fail in many more things and succeed as well as I go.”

He further stated that he doesn’t want to be tagged ‘a Nollywood actor,” sharing his reasons.

“I don’t want anyone to label me a Nollywood actor. I want to be a business man, I want to be a philanthropist, I want to help people in my lifetime, leave my signature in the stamps of time.

I want people to wake up and say ‘hey, if you didn’t do this, this wouldn’t haven’t happened. And I want to say the same of people.”

Mompha Reveals How Hushpuppi Paid $2500 For Instagram Verification (See Leaks Chats)

mompha and hushpuppi

The drama between two Nigerian rich boys Huspuppi and Mompha will continue as they exposed each other secrets on the social media.

Mompha reveled that Huspuppi whose official Instagram was recently verified that he Huspuppi paid Instagram a sum of $2500.

He also shared a screenshots of chats between he had with his wife showing that Hushpuppi borrowed money from his wife.
The drama between two Nigerian rich boys Huspuppi and Mompha will continue as they exposed each other secrets on the social media.

Mompha reveled that Huspuppi whose official Instagram was recently verified that he Huspuppi paid Instagram a sum of $2500.

He also shared a screenshots of chats between he had with his wife showing that Hushpuppi borrowed money from his wife.

See below:-


Tonto Dikeh Unfollows Hushpuppi On Instagram, He Unfollows Her Back (See Screenshots)


In the midst of The Drama and messy revelations between Dubai Big Boys, Hushpuppi, Classicbiggie and Mompha… Tonto Dikeh, has unfollowed her “zaddy”, Hush on Instagram, and the latter reciprocated.

It should be recalled that Tonto Dikeh and Hushpuppi been displaying some suspicious PDA on social media. Before then, there have been rumors making rounds that Tonto and Hushpuppi might be an item, and what’s happened of late, even fueled the rumor more.

Oh well, maybe because Mompha revealed to the world that Hushpuppi’s dad is a taxi driver, and his mum a bread seller, thus he doesn’t take care of his folks!

See screenshots below:-

tonto dikeh

Speed Darlington Hangs Out With Runtown In New York (See Photo)

speed darlington

Nigerian superstar singer, Speed Darlington was just pictured with ‘Mad over you’ crooner, Runtown in New York, United States and he can’t stop gushing about it.

Speed Darlington who shared photo of their meeting on Instagram, wrote;

‘I keep telling them my life is rich but they don’t believe me because they don’t see goldchain. My life IS RICH because my friend list is longer with #Irregular ones. Shout out to @runtown. Little things stepping BIG things popping’.


American Singer, T-Pain Encourages Men To Eat Pussy And Ass Without Being Ashamed Of It


American singer, T-Pain has just shared a rather bold post on social media where he advised guys to give head and perform other sexual acts on their partners.

T-pain has always talked about sex with his partner including threesomes and other sexual fantasies, has dished out an advice to guys out there about pleasing their partner.

Read his tweet below;

“Guys. You eat pussy. It’s ok. Just be ok with pleasing your partner. Being ashamed of it makes you weird. Lick that shit bro. Puss and ass|”


‘Shaming People Who Are Going Through Divorce Must Stop’ – Toke Makinwa

toke makinwa

Toke Makinwa is done enduring trolls who have refused to let her breathe since her marriage to Maje Ayida failed.

Following the latest all-out war between Daddy Freeze and Timi Dakolo after the latter dismissed divorcees as immature, folks took to Twitter to mock Toke Makinwa one more time.

While some reminded her of the times when she was dishing out marriage advice even though her union was falling apart, others said she “got served.”

“The annoying thing is that @tokstarr used to talk about relationship on radio until she got served,” said one Twitter user.

This mockery ticked off the female OAP because she clapped back at him, saying, “Got served by who???? Who gon serve me???”

And that was not all.

Makinwa fired back at those who enjoy dissing divorced people, noting that a failed union is no reason to mock people, because life happens, and when people meet such bumps, they should be allowed to move on with their lives in peace.

“The ultimate shaming of people who have or are going thru this thing called “divorce” must stop. No one prays it to happen,” she said, adding, “Life happens. You deal the hand that you’ve been dealt and keep it moving!”

And sister has really moved on.

A post shared by Toke Makinwa (@tokemakinwa) on

Ever since her marriage packed up and her divorce got finalised, Toke Makinwa has been waxing stronger, from landing a Ciroc ambassadorship, to touring the United States. Don’t also fordownload that epic moment she visited the New York University to lecture graduate students on brand management-feats she never achieved all through her dank marriage to her ex.

So, Toke Makinwa has truly moved on, continues to work on her her career and brand; she continues to push and smash boundaries, installing herself as one of Nigeria’s most influential OAPs.

But will trolls learn how to move on too? We hope so.

Kcee Reveals Why Artistes With ‘Big Songs’ Do Not Make Any Money


Nigerian singer, Kingsley Okonkwo, known as Kcee, in a chat with HipTV, has said “big songs” don’t guarantee that the owner of the song would smile to the bank.

When asked about the progress of the artistes signed to Five Star Music, the record label he co-owns with his brother Emeka Okonkwo, who’s better known as E-Money.

“Kcee said some people in the Nigerian music industry have “big songs just for the song”.

“They are doing their best and they are doing what they can and we are also doing our best. God has plans for everybody, I think they are doing well,” Kcee told Hip TV.

“Even some people with big songs don’t even make any money. Some people have big song just for the song. We are not regretting and we are not complaining.”

Kcee says his experience – with Harrysong – will not deter him from supporting upcoming artistes.

“I will never stop because it is part of me. I am going to be supporting up and coming artistes. We are going to use a lot of approach[es],” he said.

“A lot of artistes get it twisted when you try to support them from scratch. They don’t understand the helping hand, some of them take it for granted. I know God is still going to give me the strength and resources to keep doing.”

Mompha: “This Is The Photo Of Hushpuppi’s Father’s Taxi In Lagos”


Mompha vs Hushpuppi is all you need to read today, as the Two Big Boys are going really hard on themselves on social media, spilling dirty secrets about each other.

It all started, with classicbaggie, and Mompha decided to come in the beef… Mompha accused Hush of being a fake ass guy, and revealed that Hush’s father is a taxi driver, and his mom, a bread seller.

Hushpuppi responded, and shared some chats he had with Mompha , Hush even claimed Mompha is a snitch, as he Launders money for politicians, and he’s an informant for the EFCC.

Now, Mompha has replied him, and shared a photo of Hushpuppi’s Father’s Taxi.

Nigerian Professor Calls Don Jazzy A Broke Telant, Says D’banj Hustle Hard Everyday To Feed (Read Here)

don jazzy

Nigerian Professor and film maker, Onyeka Nwelue, who revealed how he was almost raped by some women and Nigerian movie big weights who wanted sex from him before granting him a favour, is back with another ‘exposition’, and this time, he is taking a swipe at entertainers and their showbiz.

Onyeka who said he has seen most Nigerian celebrities bank statements, wrote;

“Dear Young Nigerians,

Grab yourself with some self-esteem, self-confidence and self-pride. We are all poor. Us and the celebrities. All the celebrities in Nigeria. Linda Ikeji is not a celebrity. She is a business woman. So she is not one of those broke celebrities.

Every celebrity in Nigeria is broke. They are like me. They don’t have the money they tell you they have. Many of them I have seen their bank statements. I don’t care if they start avoiding me now. I know better. Stop feeling inadequate, young people.

You see as I beg for money publicly, that is how these celebrities suffer and beg for money secretly.

When I was writing Hip-Hop is Only for Children, I spent time travelling with many of them and I know the truth. Let them shut up. Now HushPuppi and his bitches have dragged Ugo Mozie into their rubbish.

D’banj is hustling every day to feed. Davido spends the money they pay for every show. Sinach and Frank Edwards are richer than these guys. This, I know! I am tired of all the social media haranguing and brouhaha and lies and show! And you will say, How e take concern you?

I am angrily writing this because those of you who feel because you are not famous and so you think you are poor, remember it is the little cash that you people send to our accounts that make us dey do iyanga. Forget all the foreign trips. Do you know how many people who buy me flight tickets?

When you talk about wealth, people who are wealthy don’t throw them around on social media. Be yourself because I have seen their bank details. And I know we are all struggling. Fuck inferiority. You folks who think fame is fortune need to relax. You are better than us!”

See below:-

don jazzy

Check Out The Tracklist Of Falz The Bad Guy “27” Album (Pictured)


The “27” album, Falz The Bad Guy’s third studio album tracklist features the likes of Wande Coal, Burna Boy, Maleek Berry, Terry Apala, Sir Dauda, Ycee and Ghanaian rapper, Medikal.

With technical credits to in-demand producer Sess The Problem Kid, Demsa, Studio Magic, Spax, Juls and Maleek Berry.

The 15-track album has Wehdone Sir and Bahd Baddo Baddest as bonus singles.

See the “27” album tracklist below;

falz album

Kim Kardashian Is Now 37, Celebrates Birthday With Family (Photos)

kim kardashian

Kim Kardashian recently turned 37 some few days ago but the party is just starting for the mother of two. She was spotted celebrating her birthday amidst family which included her mother, sisters and husband, Kanye West.

Kim was made the center of attention and the social media queen sure looked ravishing.

See more photos below:

kim kardashian
Kim kardashian

There Is More To What The Eyes Sees Says Mr 2kay

Mr 2kay

Following the robbery attack that took place after his performance at the Buckwyld ‘n’ Breathless concert last Sunday, Mr 2kay has spoken up for the first time.

Taking to social media for the first time since the sad incident, Mr 2kay said:

His full post reads, ‘I’m grateful to everyone that reached out to me and I appreciate your love and concern. I still need your prayers as I look forward to greater days ahead. There is more to what the eyes can see, but when you have God you are always covered. May God grant all our heart desires. Amen’.

New Photos Of Veteran Actress, Liz Benson Her Husband And Grown Up Beautiful Daughter

Liz benson

Nollywood Veteran actress, Liz Benson-Emeya, unlike many celebrities, has been able to shield her private and family life away from the prying eyes of the public and the media.

Well, She and her husband, Bishop Great Emeya, attended the opening of one of their daughters’ saloon in Lagos last weekend and afforded her fans a peak into her family life.

Liz benson

Nigerian Rapper, Olamide Blasts A Fan Who Says He Will Soon Become An Upcoming Artist (See Tweets)


Don’t wish for anybody’s down fall, as a user didn’t find it funny after a tweet to Popular Rapper Olamide Baddo.

The “Wo” crooner “Olamide” blasted the heck out of a twitter user who said the rapper will soon become an upcoming artist like Ice Prince and others.

The fan however later apologize to the rapper, but Olamide still declined his apology and threatened the fan with harsh words.

See below :


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