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CATEGORY-: Story Time
[Story] Snake Ladies – An Enchanting Story (Season 1 ~ Episode 5)
Posted Byverified On  August 5th, 2021 Story Time 0 152 Views
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Snake Ladies

We have got this enchanting Story, titled: “Snake Ladies” written by Mustapha Idris Musty and here is Season 1 with a brand new Episode for your reading pleasure and am sure you’re going to learn a lot from this story..

I heard a knock on the door of my nearly expired face me i slap you house. I looked at the time and it was few minutes past five in the morning.
Me: who could be this one disturbing me from my sleep this early morning na…
On opening the door, i saw Anita all smile standing at the door post. I quickly hugged and kissed her passionately. Yes, there is no other girl in this life like her.
Anita: idris my love, guess what?
Me: common darling, you know i hate this suspense game of ours, can you please go straight to the point.
Anita: ok, yesterday i met one rich chief who took me to his house and after i finished bleeping him, he gave me #70,000 and guess what?
Me: not again, you are killing me already, what?
Anita: he gave me his contact and says i will be his personal bleeping girl and every month, he will deposit #100,000 into my account for my upkeep.
Me: (feeling disappointed in myself but did a great job in masking my feelings) wow, God don butter our bread oo. I have good news too, guess what?
Anita: see your life, if u no dey ready to talk den go..
Me: hahaha, ok, i have been called for an interview in one brewing company. Remember one of my friend who i gave my cv?
Anita: yea, erm Abidemi i think?
Me: yes, i received an email about 4am this morning calling me for an interview around 12 noon.
Anita: wow, very nice. Thank God oo.. Lemme warm the remaining vegetable soup and make eba for you na, i don’t want you to go late.
Me: ok thanks.
She warmed the soup and prepared eba for me while i took my bath and brushed my teeth. Before ten o clock, i was done and set out to leave. She kissed me and wished me luck.
I arrived at the company very early and took time in surveying the environment. The company was big and i was told they pay their workers well.
At round 11:45, twelve other people also came for the interview and my mind began to run a marathon race. I was the last person to be called into the manager’s office reason being that my CV was submitted lastly.
When i entered the office, i was marvelled at the second most beautiful woman i have ever seen because anita is first. i stood still and we starred at each other for ten minutes. The manager Mrs Bukky was a beautiful woman who should be at her late thirties.
Bukky: erm Mr..
Me: idris musty ma
Bukky: ok Mr idris, kindly have your seat.
The interview went on for many hours. We started talking about each other including our relationship and private life. The workers around was wondering what i was doing at her office for so long.
At the end, she told me to give her my phone number and i was surprised and couldn’t say no. After the interview or should i say friendly discussion, i left nesco brewing company filled with pride and ego. Something tells me i have secured this job already…….TBC.

WATCH OUT FOR EPISODE Season 1 ~ Episode 6

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