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CATEGORY-: Story Time
[Story] The Black Marriage – Heart Melting Story (Episode 11)
Posted Byverified On  August 31st, 2021 Story Time 0 158 Views
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The Black Marriage

He dialed his best friend and assistant to tell him that the office was in his care. He had a feeling that he was in for a long night.

Jessica lay on the chair, reading a novel. One thing she loves about the house was the study which was filled with all kinds of books. She had found a novel which looked interesting and occupied herself with it. She was surprised when she heard Andy’s car horn. He never arrived around six and she knew that something was out of place. She stayed where she was, even though she was curious.
Andy entered and she lifted her head with a nonchalant look on her eyes but the look faded when she saw him. His suit jacket was in his hand, along with a nylon bag and his car keys were on the other hand. His shirt which her eyes focused on was buttoned halfway down, leaving his muscled chest partly visible. She swallowed and looked at his face. “Good evening Drew. You are early” “It is necessary. My dad would be here soon” “Your dad” she muttered as the realization slowly dawned on her. Her eyes slowly widened and Andy fought back an amused smile. “He is coming here?” He nodded with a faint smile. “My dad is one man who can’t be fooled easily. I don’t know if you can act like a love-struck woman.” Jessica frowned. “I believe I can be or do anything if I decide to. The question is, ‘can you act like a man in love’?” she smiled slightly. “We don’t have enough time to act a proper rehearsal so I guess we would both find out the hard way. It is either we are both poor actors or we are both meant to be in the movie industry”. He smiled and remembered what he was holding. “I got you a befitting gown” he said and stretched the nylon to her. “Befitting” she muttered, hating the word. Well, you refused to go shopping every time I mentioned it and I can’t have you meet my father in one of those gowns you always put on. She collected the nylon and removed the cloth inside. It was a multicolored gown which had expensive written all over it. She removed the nylon that was used to cover the gown and let it fall to the ground. “I noticed that you love clothes that goes all the way down to your feet so I got this which has a long hand to go with it, but it is still elegant and speaks of class” he explained nervously as she quietly scrutinized the cloth. The cloth was beautiful, very beautiful, she admitted to herself. “It is beautiful, but I can’t put it on” “What? We are not going to argue about this again” “I don’t mean to be rude but your dad is going to know that something is fishing if I put this on. This cloth is meant for an important event and not just an indoor dinner. What I need to put on is something simple but also classy.” “Well, we don’t have time, let’s go for it. My dad would be here any minute” “I have what I need. I would go and freshen up. Tell Ada to make the food ready for three” she turned and left Andy standing there. Andy grimaced at the thought of what Jessica would put on. After an hour, Andy still did not see Jessica. He wanted to inspect the cloth she would put on to see if it was fit. Even though he did not really think much of classy dressing and the likes, he knew that his father would expect his daughter-in-law to dress like a William.
He wondered which oversized dress Jessica would choose to put on. The car horn he heard almost made him jump. He called Jessica’s name but heard no response. Knowing that he was doomed, he went to the door and opened it. Seeing his father after more than five months shouldn’t make him nervous but he was not sure how the evening would turn out. He saw his father step out of the car and he walked up to the elderly man with a cool smile. “Dad” he called. Mr. Williams turned with smiles. “Son.” He hugged Andy. “I have missed you. How is Nigeria?” “Nigeria is still the same old busy place. Why didn’t you inform me of your arrival? I could have picked you up” “That is why I have a driver. Where is my daughter-in-law?” “She-” The door opened and he turned. When he saw the person at the doorway, he blinked and froze…….

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