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CATEGORY-: Story Time
[Story] The New Compound – An Addictive Story (Episode 3)
Posted Byverified On  October 16th, 2021 Story Time 0 1127 Views
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the new compound 3

“It is finished. I am”, I muttered to myself immediately I turned back to see Anne with a blo.ody sharp knife that was as long as a cutlass.

“Why did you say that name?”, she growled in a much more louder and angrier tone. I couldn’t even open my mouth to reply her. Hot sweats and cold urine made my fears obvious.

I made an attempt to unlock the door and run away but the door would not open. “Jesus of Jesus, I need your help”, I muttered to myself when I realized that the door knob on the door has disappeared.

“What made you say that name”?, Anne asked me again from a far distance. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I turned my head to her direction. Her claws has doubled in size and she was holding two knives that was longer and sharper than the one I saw earlier.

I became alarmed when she swinged the knife and it cut through the cushion effortlessly. That made it obvious that the knife was as sharp as the Axes the two bald twins in “Breaking bad” used. The Axe
can literally cut through anything.

She moved swiftly towards me and it was as if she disappeared and reappeared directly in front of me. She pinned the fleshy part of her hand on my neck and she pointed the knife directly to my head.

“Jesus. The name is Jesus”, I said as soon she she pointed the knife to my face. She backed off immediately I mentioned the name and she started raging like never before.

The name was literally turning her head and I was so scared to say it again.

She kept on raging and destroying things. She broke my Dad’s laptop, our Plasma TV, my brother’s Nintendo and many other expensive things I couldn’t see. I wanted to tell her to stop destroying the things she can’t pay for, but then, I realised that I’m not talking to a normal person.

I seized the opportunity to run into my room to take my bible since I couldn’t escape through the door. “This is a spiritual battle”, I thought to myself.

What I saw next when I opened the door made me swallow my brain. I literally got choked on my saliva the moment I opened the door to my room.

My room was empty and there was nothing inside my room. My bed, bags, clothes and everything else was not in my room. “Who moved my things”, I asked myself. I was just about to turn to my Dad’s room when I noticed an odious figure squatting at the right corner of the room.

The odious figure turned out to be Anne and she seems to be crying and lamenting over something I couldn’t decipher. “I’m going to ki.ll them all. I’m going to mur.der everyone. Why are they calling the name. The boy is going to a ruthless death”, I heard Anne muttering to herself while using her hands to pluck her hairs. I thought I’ve been talking to a normal beatiful girl, I never knew that I’ve been talking to a spirit.

Her, being in the room paved a perfectly good escape route for me. I locked her inside the room and I started running towards the back door.

I was so surprised that she didn’t follow me. I didn’t care though. I just kept on running until I was able to escape through the back door.

I ran towards Mr Daniel’s apartment and I started banging on his door as fast as I could. I didn’t even care whether he was enjoying his sleep or not. My life was much more important and I didn’t want to die at an early age.

I kept on banging till the door got opened. My eyes popped out in sheer horror as soon as the door was opened and I wished that I have never knocked on the door.

The man that opened the door for me turned out to be Anne’s father, the same dead man I saw earlier and he was gesturing to me to enter the house. I realised that all was not well when I sighted his dead wife and son grinning at me from the living room of Mr Daniel. How they got there and where they kept Mr Daniel is still not known to me till now.


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